An emotional train passing by…..

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Well, well….Finally found the time to blog again. I checked my last entry and it was back in Sept of last year!?!

Really? That’s how long I have been soo lazy with bloggin in this page?!

A lot has happened I’ll tell you that.

Times change, and so does everyone around you.

Let’s just say 2011 wasn’t too kind to me.

I was hoping 2012 was the new year for me.

Then, middle of January last month, I lost someone dear to me through Asthma.

Painful it may seemed, but I guess there’s a reason for everything.

She happens to be my mom’s younger sis.

I leave it up to the big man above to take care of my aunt wherever her journey may take her.

For now, I’m trying to regain my balance and make some sense into what’s coming for me.

Anyhow, valentines is coming up..I guess I belong in the firing squad this time…..


Nothing Man?

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Howdy, I know…I know….What the hell with you man?

As I mentioned a while back, this goof(That’s me!) is somewhat lazy to blog in this sanctuary of mine.

My main reason?

Work? Life? Love? Music?

Can I choose all of the above?

Seriously, these past few months I have been on every corners of those mentioned above.

Trying to balance my sanity at the same time since workload has been a terrible headache for the last two weeks.

Anyhow, I managed to overcome each of those so far. Thank God!

So, why did I rant today?

Nothing really.

Just passing by and enjoying my weekend off from work.

For the upcoming days, I’ll be busy with playing with my bands at some event.

Then, there’s my Dad’s upcoming birthday which I will need planning especially the flowers for the cemetery and mass.

Lastly, the ‘Ma will be leaving for good in some country so I’ m going to be spending some time with her before she takes off to some part of the world.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with some of my “useless” rants so I’m just going to sign off for now….Ciao!


Thank you Dude….See you when I’ll see you….

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Last Friday afternoon, I got the jolt of the my life when I heard the news about the death of one of Cebu’s guitar heroes and good friend Manny Amador.

For a moment there, I couldn’t believe the news.

I pictured out Manny with his ever incredible energy talking about anything under the Sun, never running out of stories to tell.

Then, it dawned upon me.

One of my idols and guitar hero has left us all without even saying goodbye.

I started reminicing the times that we jammed together.

Be it on stage or just mingling around after the set, Manny never ceases to amaze me with his stories about everything related to music and other topics as well.

Now, I am still in a state of denial on his passing.

You see, I grew up listening to Manny Amador and his band The Breed way back in the 90’s.

They managed to released an album titled “Free” on which my favorite track “Black Mercedez Benz” can be found.

Like a true blue fanboy, I memorized the ‘Benz song and over the years started singing and playing guitar on it on some occasions.

Then, Manny left the band to concentrate on his other endeavors, which left him out of the spotlight for many years.

In the middle of 2003 or ’04, I stumbled upon him in a place where I happened to frequent also during weekends.

This was Kahayag Cafe. 

I recognized him and was star strucked seeing my idol in this side of the town.

He was up on stage having played a couple of covers and was now asking the audience for any requests.

Mustering enough confidence, I blurted out “Black Mercedez Benz,” which to my dismay he politely denied my request.

The reason being?

He forgot the lyrics to the song that he wrote years ago.

Then, just like an opening Manny said he’ll play it if I’ll sing it.

That didn’t take me long to join him on stage playing guitar and singing the ‘Benz with him on lead guitar and back ground vocals.

Needless to say, that was one of my surreal moments that will always stick in my mind even up to now.

Eventually, he formed his own band “MNX” and decided to settle here in Cebu.  

Now with Manny gone, stories, anecdotes, memories of him will always be a topic among his friends and colleagues for years to come.

So, before I bid adieu to my friend, let me just take the time to say a couple of things:

Manny, I would like to thank you for that memorable experience jamming and singing the ‘Benz with you for the first time at Kahayag Cafe.

The times, when you needed a drummer to session with your band MNX at the last minute, to which I could never say no to you.

This I would like to say I am humbled by the fact that you have faith and confidence in me to get the job done.

For that I thank you..

For having played with you during Cebu Guitar Festival ’08 and ’09 as well.

Thank you..

For the advises and other stories that you shared about the music scene in Manila.

I thank you….

Lastly, for being a humbled down, wonderful human being that you truly are…

Thank you….

Rest in peace my friend.

You now have an eternity to keep on rocking up there in Heaven.

I’ll see you someday dude…Good night.


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Howdy. I was rummaging through some of my old “saved” posts within the confines of my blog and came across this particular piece that I wrote so eons ago during the time when my dad passed away.

Actually, my former bandmate asked me to write any song that stems from what I was experiencing back then.

So, being as a so-called “Songwriter,” I wrote this piece in one session, coupled with some guitar melody that I came up as well.

This song is about what I was going through after my Dad’s passing.

I hope to one day record this piece and possibly release this online as well

The song is titled “Say”


So you walked away from me
Not a word was spoken, you gave me silence
(maybe) I should have said something before you left (me)
But I held back without saying anything
You stared at me with (that) long emptiness inside
I looked at you guessing what’s right
Those haunting eyes piercing at my soul
This must be your answer about the end of it all

Should I say something to make things right?
Should I say I want to turn back time?
Should I say I want you back again tonight?
I can’t say, I can never say…

So you walked away from me
Different words were spoken back then
Time wasn’t on our side, we needed to say goodbye
I learned later on it wasn’t you to blame
But others who placed you in that shame

I see you in my dreams at night
Staring at me with those sad kind eyes
Not a word was spoken, you stood there with silence
I wanted to say something before you disappeared
But, (my) tears were the words for you to see

So should I say something back at you?
So should I say I missed you every waking moment?
So should I say I’m still longing to see you?
No, I can’t say. I can never say..

So I walk away from you
Taking these memories of yesterday
And waking up to a brand new day
Then I’ll be over you today

Maybe I should say something to you
Then maybe I can make this pain go away
Maybe I should say something to you
Then everything will be okay..

No, I can’t say…I can never say…

I can’t say…

Here, there, and everywhere rants again!

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Greetings bloglings, er..Earthlings would probably more appropriate don’t you think?

Here I am back from the blog down under to rant on my late delayed thoughts.

Yes, I know ..I haven’t blogged since my last event*  See last blog entry – ed

Anyhow, lots of things have been happening after that.

Let’s now go to my so-called “Random List” of events shall we?

To start things off:

– was moved to another department to work as a sales agent. (Good change of environment for me!)

– celebrated my birthday together with my Gf’s birthday as well, since our natal days has one week interval.

– my bestfriend Cocoy Reyes (Black Coffee Sundae vocalist) finally tied the knot with his ever lovely fiancee Meljean last April 7 with the presence of his Best Man(That’s me!) bandmates, friends, families and loved ones. *Congrads to both of you!

– went to my bandmate’s rest house somewhere in San Remigio together with friends and families.

– went to Boracay with my Gf’s family to spend Holy week there. (Yeah, so sosyal right?)

– went outing at the beach with some of the Studs to mark Cocoy’s despedida.(What’s with beach outings? Oh right Summer!)

– played around the metro with various bands (As if that’s something new!)

– played at the first “Tambolero sa Sugbo” event held last Saturday at both the Ayala Activity center and Terraces.

That’s all for now..I know…..I am still that damned lazy….Ciao!

A blast from the past?! I’d like to think so..

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Howdy folks! RWM checkin in from the blog down under.

My..My..Haven’t blogged since New Year!

Reason being is again work, work, work…and yes gigs.

Anyway, the whole Sinulog Weekend took most of my time and it sure was a blast since I was playing with my band Kage during those days.

Currently, I have my hands full on the upcoming reunion gig tonight that me and Lorenz Ostrea(Pandora Guitarist) organized late last year.

What reunion gig you ask?

Well, this small event is sort of a revisit of our former high school bands back when we were just starting out chugging tunes from the likes of Metallica, Pantera, and other metal bands.

I formed my band Militia who played such cover songs from these bands since me and the band cite them as major influences in our music.

Lorenz was from the band Invictus(Ironically, also cite the same artists that I mentioned earlier as their influences as well.)

In the middle of 1994, we(Lorenz and I) met at the battle of the bands to what we now know as “Showground: The Search for the Best Band”

Yeah, those were good times.

Fast forward 16 years later, over long talks and some alcohol intake on the sides, Lorenz and I decided to organized a mini reunion for our bands just for the fun of it.

Well, one thing led to another and whola!

“Showground: The Reunion 2011.”

We included the band Mobydick since their drummer Keith Omega was also present during those long talks. (Also, they were one of the Showground finalists along with our bands)

So now, the stage is set. The bands have been preparing for tonight’s event.

Everybody is anxious and excited on what the turnout would be.

I’m feeling the pressure right now.

Expectations are really high.

We hope that we won’t fall flat on other people’s faces for this gig.

Anyway, I’m inviting each and every malter out there to come and support for what could be a once in a lifetime reunion gig tonight at Handuraw Cafe, along Gorordo Ave. Lahug.

Show starts 9:30pm

Entrance is absolutely free.

We promise a night of fun, music, and most of all Malt!

See you peeps tonight! Gotta prepare myself for the gig.


Happy New Malt Year! 01/01/11

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That’s right folks! It is another new year for us, Year of the Rabbit as indicated by many.

Looking back at the year 2010 wasn’t a bad year for me at all.

That year started right for me with my band’s reunion (Black Coffee Sundae) at Handuraw which we plotted some months back.

Then, there’s my birthday celebration together with “The Studs” * A group that I myself named since back then we were single and sooo carefree with our lives.

We also had our first in a long time reunion beach outing again with “The Studs” and sooo much fun that we didn’t want it to end.

Then, I met my better half which made me whole again.(I’d like to thank her for being so patient, caring, and of course supportive in everything that I do)

The rest of those months was basically working, playing gigs, recording, producing, and yes, even guesting in some radio stations and tv as well.

So, looking back at that year I must say it was a good one and for my wish in 2011 is nothing more than to have more blessings, more work, gigs, fun, and yes, finally to travel back to the place where I used to live.(More on that later if I finalized everything)

Today, marks a new year for me.

So, another set of goals are formulating in my mind as I speak.

But, I do know that somehow I will be able to accomplish my new set of goals for this year.

So, before I stop ranting on this sanctum of mine today, I’d like to thank everybody who in someway have made a difference in my life in 2010.

From families, friends, cousins, somewhat neighbors, The Studs, Radio Stations and their managers, TV and their reporters, bars and their managers, bands, musicians who I had the pleasure of playing along with, Facebook for helping reunite long lost friends and childhood classmates, various mp3 sites for helping me download my songs, my late dad for truly inspiring me to do what I do best, my mom for being supportive and understanding in every bit of my so-called life, my sis and bro-law for the much needed support, my nieces and nephew for making me understand how life is truly beautiful, peers, my trato2 for being who she really is and for making me learn to love again, workmates and x-workmates, and lastly, God for keeping me grounded and sane as well.

Whew! What an incredible 2010 that was.

I am looking forward to what 2011 has in store for me.

Cheers malties! *Tssssuuukkkk!!*

My Twelve Days of Maltrishmas..*Hick!*

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Heyo! Back in Blogland and still capable of bloggin yesiree..

Since this month everyone will be celebrating X’mas Day(That includes me!) I decided to post some kind of a song as a sort of tribute for the yuletide season(especially for a serious malter like me!)

What song is ask?

Well, I searched high and low for a perfect song to blog about during this season and I found one in the form of Twelve Days Of Christmas.

So, instead of the usual lyrics that you folks are so accustomed to, I decided to rewrite the entire part just for kicks.

Anyway, here’s my take on that particular song:

My Twelve Days of Maltrishmas

On the 1st day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

And the last thing is Gilbeys

On the 2nd day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Two Tanduays

On the 3th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Three San Migs

On the 4th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Four Carlsbergs

On the 5th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Five Gold Eagle Beers

On the 6th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Six White Castle Whiskeys

On the 7th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Seven Bourbon Whiskeys

On the 8th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Eight Cerveza Negras

On the 9th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Nine Pale Pilsen

On the 10th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Ten Manila Beers

On the 11th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Eleven Red Horse

On the 12th day of Maltristmas, my true love sent to me

Twelve Tiger Beers

There you go folks…..Till the next rant…..Ho ho ho ho ho…

X’mas rants or not…

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Howdy howdy…Back in good o’l blogland.  Makes me wonder if I am fully capable of motivating myself to blog here and there.

Well, what can I say? I am currently a somewhat lazy bastard of a blogger. Nay, a slob…No….A douche…Wait….Aww forget it.

Anyway, just a few rants straight from this “slob.”

– I played for the “Badland Bandits”(Yup, that is the name given by the trio of Lorenz,Stuart, and Din2 for Cebu Guitarfestival 2010) and managed to stay at bay with the rest of the guys, considering we were only rehearsing once a week. Nevertheless, a job well done to the bandits!

– My current company is trying to stay afloat. Yes, sadly the “powers-that-be” has decided to trim down our team and some of us won’t be in the same boat as the others. (I guess it is time to fly and look for another hive to cultivate. What you think?)

– X’mas season is indeed around the corner and everywhere I go people are shopping and hoarding all the pre x’mas sale items. (Golly, that reminds me…I need to buy some gifts as well. See? I am a lazy slob!)

That’s it for now..I know….I know….Sooo lazy of me to blog…Oh well…Ciao!


Here comes the Shred Gods once more..

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CGF 2010

CGF 2010

Yup, CGF 2010 is upon us once again. Everybody’s busy rehearsing especially when the event is this coming week starting tomorrow (Nov 25).

Of course yours truly will be playing on the said event.

But unlike last year or the year before that, I opted to playing with one group instead of playing with various groups this time around.(Btw, I’m playing with Lorenz, Stuart, and Din din’s group.)

The reason?

Probably because I can’t commit to different rehearsals and skeds like I used to before.

Anyway, for those curious guitar fans wondering when their favorite guitar players are scheduled to perform, I have the actual dates of the event.

Line-up for this year’s Cebu Guitar Festival:

November 25 (Thursday) 7PM – 12MN

Joel Oporto, Prudence Salutillo, Paul Caca, Jad Bantug, Scott Lequido, Rio Dumdum, Tito Quijano, Ryan Quijano, Erbert Quijano,Ruben Flores, Dante Castillo, John Walden, Joric Maglanque, Ed Russakoff, Jonathan Tejano, Junx Muana, Noli Aurillo

November 26 (Friday)7PM – 1AM

Lito Fajardo, Kimrock Jo, Romel Santiago, Danny Mumar, Sam Codilla, Lloyd Escario, Mamai Cinco, Tyke Elizaga, Doobie Elizaga, Cattski Espina, Mary Ruth Baracao, Alphecca Pistachio, Arciemon, Tracy Teves, JP Arellano, Matyu Sanson, Paul Aguilar, Mokie Taga, Jimik Sacro, Jam Quijano,Gavin Aninon, Manny Amador, Jon Vistal

November 27 (Saturday)1PM – 2AM

Chris Amores, Dominic Moncada, rm 202 guitar players, Makuz Cortez, Carlo Villarica, Janry Aliganga, Gaz Perez, Joshua Lee T. Muñoz, Nathaniel M. Gajudo, Emerson Dungog, Richie Amoin, JP Manansala, Ted Garcia, Dondon Luche, Lorenz Ostrea, Joy Dindin, Stuart Abella, Josh Penalosa, Jaan Quijano, Barry Visoc, Czedric Fernandez, Jay Young, Jeremie Lim, Johnus Verdida, Wesley Chiongbian, Garret Pesodas, Jeremy Custodio, Teban Go, Fern Villaflor, Reinar Bongancisco, Jud Sala, Ritzi Ariba, Heinrich Lesama, Emi Cabigas,Timmy Blanco, Alvin Gindoy, Vonay Sanchez, Ryan Yap, Henry Tradio, Arnold Ang, Randy Pages, Brian Estillore, Franklin Veloso, Archie Uy, Pauldo Canada, Razorback, Wally Gonzales.

There you go! So I’ll be seeing each and everyone of you guys and gals on this once a year festival.
Let the Malts and Shreds begin!!