A bamboo’s kage?

kage.jpgLast Saturday I played with my new band Kage and made a rocking debut on one of Cebu’s anticipated concert for this month of October: Bamboo! I must admit that when we first found out that we will be fronting one of Manila’s finest rock act, we were kinda nervous and at the same time excited for what could possibly be our debut gig for this band. To add more to the tension, we were the only band that was slated to front Bamboo and that gave us more pressure as well as butterflies on our stomachs. Here we were barely just two weeks on forming this band and this marks our debut concert gig.

Don’t get me wrong my brathas in Kage are no strangers on the local music scene. Take for example our esteemed vocalist Junie Alejandro, who happened to be the former frontman of Chained that plays heavy music from bands like Godsmack, Disturbed, Metallica, Alice in Chains. Our bassist Garret Pesodas was a former bassist for the bands: Black Coffee Sundae, Serendipity, and has sessioned with Chained on some points in time. Lead guitars and back up vocals Jaan Quijano was a former member of MaypondPersona Non GrataJohnnie, and currently sessions for Cattski once in a while.  I, on the other hand used to session with different bands and had been a member on some of them as well. I’m currently playing with Pandora, but I’m also doing session work here and there from different people with different genres.

So with these impressive resumes of each band member, it would just be a walk in the park when playing for a huge event right? Wrong! Well we were ready for that gig, but each of us also had our own assumptions and possibly different scenerios on what could happen on that gig. Anyways to make the story short as not to bore you guys with my blabber, we made our presence by chugging out 6 rocking songs(all covers by the way) from bands like Chris Daughtry, Creed, and Alterbridge. Backstage after the concert, we met with the members of Bamboo, who humbly thanked us for opening their concert and warming up the crowd before their set. We also had our pictures taken from different people(Well it was mostly for Junie, who they wanted to have their picture taken with since he is our frontman)  We realized that people were really digging our set and at the same time respected what we had to offer, since this was our first time to play in front of 4,000 peeps!!

So to all the fans of Bamboo and to all the people that went to the concert last saturday night, we want to thank you all for your support and applause, not to mention pics hehehehe. Here’s hoping Kage is here to stay and were hoping to write our own songs and releasing them soon. 

special thanks to Angela R. and Mia W. for taking some pics on that concert and also for being new fans of my new band  🙂

~ by roadworthyman on October 11, 2007.

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