a scene from a warrior’s eyes..

“Days of madness are here when all earth’s left barren and clear where the few who live shall share a destiny in an eternal hollow’s eve and she’s coming….” 

                                       – “New Mother Nature” (Sebastian Artadi) 

Ride forth on the
barren path, the hoofs
of the horses unleashed
on a beckoning ride to

The wheels have turned,
No one is spared from
its almighty burn.

Heed not for its desire
but for its anger

A fuel for fire
the side of what can

A sword, a symbol of might
Beneath its handle
lies a mockery’s delight

Beneath the metal
lies a thousand fold
blood of old..

Beneath its owner
A call to arms
granted by human scars..

Beneath its soul
lies a lone warrior beaten
from dusk to dawn..

Beneath its war
brings a thousand deaths
which cannot lament..


~ by roadworthyman on October 11, 2007.

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