All over your ribbing..

Ahh the 3 day weekend has ended and its back to work again today argh. Well my weekend wasn’t that bad at all, considering my band Kage played again last Saturday at Belly Idol restobar. We were invited to play since it was their anniversary and knowing the owners of that bar, it gave us a chance to shine with our new band. Our set started sometime between 10:30pm to 11:00pm I think ( wasn’t really paying attention with the time, since I was halfway drunk that time hehehe) Anyways our supposed short set turned into a longer set, after having being informed by Blair( that’s one of the owners and a kick ass drummer of UK LILY as well) that one of the bands backout due to some reasons that we don’t know.

Blair asked me if we can do a longer set, to which I nodded and eventually me and Junie had to prepare the another setlist again. We did pretty good with our setlist when we started playing, the audience response was pretty okay as well.  Although there were some technical problems( arising from Garret’s bass amp.) but he managed to bounce back with flying colors, or so we thought. Halfway to our setlist, just in the middle of this one song, Garret forgot his part and messed up pretty much that no matter how he tried to hit the right notes it wasn’t the right one. He had to stop and with Jaan and me giving him that confused look, I yelled for him to get back on track which he finally did because if I didn’t tell him to, he’d still stop and probably wait for the song to end.

We ended our set with “What If” from a band called Creed. After the gig we stayed on some makeshift backstage and rested while food and beer were served on our table. We gave Garret a good o’l spanking and teasing big time after that mistake we did. He stated that he hit the right notes, but when he saw our confused faces he thought he messed up. Well we told him its always excuses and continued teasing him about it.

I left Belly Idol to spend the rest of the night with Angela and her friends. We went to I.T. Park where the girls opted to stay and have coffee at BO’s, while me and the rest of the boys grabbed some brewskis at some convient store within the coffee shop. Junie texted me about how great the gig was, and I told him to tell Garret to memorize that particular song. He texted back saying that him and Jaan are giving him a good ribbing on that song as well. By the way were band playing this Friday for Postmortem’s 9th Year Anniversary at Outpost Restobar. So hopefully my band and I are ready to rock again for yet another anniversary, and were hoping to introduce some new covers on this gig as well.  We’ll be practicing this Wednesday, so productivity might be in order for all 4 of us for this rehearsal. This should be something interesting..I might asked Junie to sing something from Guns and Roses sometime…hmmm now that would be something of a ribbing wouldn’t it?


~ by roadworthyman on October 15, 2007.

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