Yedda..Yedda…and Naked in Tahiti?!

Last night’s jam went somewhat pretty well, considering that we managed to jam some  new covers.(I ain’t at the liberty of posting the cover songs here so that it’ll be a surprise for tomorrow night’s gig) Anyhow we decided to jam again tonight since we still needed more muscle power for those new covers, and we wanted to prepare for the gig as well seeing as this is a special event, and we don’t want to make a fool of ourselves if we show up not prepared ready to rock. Garret is still adjusting with his playing style since it has been a while since he played bass. Junie on the other hand, is also adjusting to our new found cover songs, since he was used to playing heavier covers and seeing that this is something new for him, so this can be a real challenge for him.

Me and Jaan are still adjusting in terms of  playing these new covers. Although these covers may not sound new to all, but we wanted to rearrange these songs as to make it our own signature covers as well. The real challenge for us 4 is to really come up something really creative and at the same time keeping ourselves on our toes. Pretty soon we will start writing our own originals and I’m crossing my fingers that we will somehow get there with this band.

 Anyways enough of this blabber…..gotta scoot……deadlines are clocking in front of my esteemed or so eyes…..sheesh….I might need a vacation sometime……naked in tahiti perhaps?or frolicking in the white sands of Pier Uno?hmmm so many choices… little time…tsk….tsk….. 

~ by roadworthyman on October 18, 2007.

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