Bring out the booze….

Well, last night’s rehearsal went pretty well for us 4 considering we only practiced twice this week with new covers and I must say we are ready for tonight’s gig. Brian, bassist of the band Fuzz (I was told by the other members that they’ll be changing their name sometime) was there as well, since his band will also practice after our schedule. Brian was listening to our rehearsal and I think he enjoyed our covers, but one cover that he really enjoyed most was one of his favorite song from the band Guns n Roses.

Yup, GNR folks and yes we did managed to coax Junie into singing this one particular song that we happened to like. We just changed some of the arrangement of that song as well as the key for the vocals since Junie won’t be doing any of Axl Rose‘s whining singing. The result? well let’s just say that we pretty much did justice to that song and I’m pretty much excited tonight to play this cover.

After practice I met Dhee, vocalist of Pandora and my bandmate as well, who was busy supervising the soon to open “semi resto cum drinking hub” this coming Saturday. Her tummy is quite big, considering that she’s due next month so its no surprise that her tummy has gotten bigger since the last time I saw her(for those who do not know, Pandora is on hiatus since Dhee is pregnant with her third child).

Anyways she mentioned that the name of the soon to open place will be “Pandora’s Box“, and it will have it’s soft opening this Saturday. If you ask me, its pretty ironic since the new place is named after our band Pandora.(that will be another blog until I get to see the place open this Saturday)

So, tonight girls and boys hope you all can swing by Outpost Restobar, that’s located in  Lahug, Nivel Hills for Postmortem’s 9th year Anniversary. With perfomances by Kage, Fuzz, Stallions of the Burning Church, Abyss, Black Smoke Danz, and of course Postmortem. Show starts 830pm and no entrance fee. See you tonight and let’s all have a rocking good time…now bring out the booze why don’t ya…..


~ by roadworthyman on October 19, 2007.

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