The Friday that was…

Sorry peeps haven’t updated my blog last Monday, since I was swamped with lotsa work. But let me just say that the gig last Friday (October 19) for Postmortem‘s 9th Year Anniversary went well. I have some pics from the gig but I’ll be posting it sometime this week or next week, depending on my mood of being lazy or not. Just a short  report on the gig, Blak Smoke Danz opened up the show as early as 8:30pm, which was followed by Stallions of the Burning Church, who played some impressive Dreamtheater covers, followed by their originals. After which, my band Kage took the  stage and we started the bang with a song from Pearl Jam, followed with something by 7 Mary 3. Then Guns and Roses‘s “You could be Mine” followed, which I must say made a good impression on some people who were there at the gig.

We ended our set with 3 cover songs from STP(Stone Temple Pilots), AlterBridge and Tantric. After our set Fuzz/Black Waters played some covers as well. Finally, Postmortem took center stage after being informed that one of the bands couldn’t make it due to some other gig reasons. So as difficult it is for them to take the center stage earlier, they didn’t disappoint us metal heads as the band played head on with people around headbanging and slamming to their music. I managed to jam 3 songs with the guys and I must say, I missed playing heavy music hehehehe. Toff was at his moments, cracking jokes here and there after each song, which drew laughters from the audience.

They finally thanked the people who have supported them one way or another during their 9 years together( That includes yours truly, who Toff was kind enough to dubbed me as their “unsung hero” of the band shucks! I’m touched bros). Well for those who do not know, I sometimes play with these guys, if their drummer pulls a disappearing act on the last minute that they have a scheduled gig on that day.

 Normally if that happens, Jon would call me at the last minute to ask me if I could sit in with them on drums, since their drummer is nowhere to be found. Of course I would gladly play with these guys.(even though we haven’t practiced together in the studio, not even once I swear!) So there are times I’d be their “go to guy”,  if all else fails for their disappearing drummer. Well enough of me taking some sort of credit for them, its their band anyway and I’m just here to lend a helping hand. Just give me some booze and I’m there to rock dude.

 So, without further adieu, I’d like to extend my congradulations to Postmortem for a successful gig, lots of people showed up to support this gig, so a big mighty thanks to all that came over and supported the bands as well as Postmortem. Here’s to more rocking good times to come…..damn  and did I mentioned that I also sang?well that’s a different story……till the next……

* Pictures will be posted soon, special thanks to Brian “Gummy Bear” Bautista of Fuzz/Black Waters, for the pics..

~ by roadworthyman on October 26, 2007.

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