Holiday Heyday….

I’m here at the office right now working my buttocks off. Well,  lots of projects to catch up, hence the need to work today and to think it was declared a holiday by our “oh-so- esteemed” El Presidente. Anyways enough of the blabber talk I’m wasting my two cents worth of time here, I’ve texted my bandmates regarding about the upcoming event that me and Joey(vocalist of the new wave band Idle) were planning. The concept of the gig would be this: Joey and his band will be playing anything from the 80s, and it doesn’t have to be new wave songs, it could be anything from that era. While my band Kage, will be playing covers from the 90s and again it doesn’t have to be just grunge or alternative from that era.

Joey and I, will be meeting sometime this week to finalized the whole concept, reason being is that we were given the go signal by Sandy, the dude in charged of the bands and events bookings for Outpost.  Were hoping to get this thing going slowly but surely. The date of the event would be on November 17 and that’s a Saturday. So my band will have a meeting this coming Thursday ( November 1, I know its All Souls Day, but who’s stopping us right?) night to discuss things, regarding the setlist and some other ideas we can think of. Hopefully this event would be somewhat promising and a start of a brand new concept of an event.

 The tentative title of the gig by the way is “80’s Meets 90’s”. I came up with the concept as some sort of a drunken joke one night, when me and Joey were out drinking at Outpost. Anyways to make the story short, Joey found the concept as something we can actually worked on to and that’s when we approached Sandy about it.

 I’ll leave some of those details for future posts, since we still have to finalize the whole enchilada details on the gig. I’ll be posting the updates here as soon as I can.

On a side note I’d like to address the peeps that voted your country proud and vote for the ones that you think can do for you not those empty promises..otherwise…shattered dreams are your nightmare reality dudes and dudettes….


~ by roadworthyman on October 29, 2007.

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