Back to the Barracks

Yup, our mini vacation is over, and its now back to the office..or should I say “Barracks”.  Anyway,  just a bit of a rundown of what happened last week during my short vacation. Last thursday night, I met my bandmates from Kage at Jaan’s office somewhere in Mabolo. We discussed on what particular songs we wanted to cover for the upcoming gig this coming Nov. 17 (the event’s name by the way is 80’s Meets 90’s). Ideas were thrown around here and there, some bands fit what we were looking for. Others were just some things we might cover in the near future, but not on this gig. We agreed on the songs, and hopefully we will start rehearsing this coming Wednesday.

Also last Saturday night, I met with Joey,( frontman of the new wave band Idle)  and Sandi, the guy in charge of the events for Outpost. We came up with some nifty ideas for our project. During the meeting we brought up some concept of coming up with more events sometime after this project. We are hoping that the upcoming gig will generate loads of positive feedbacks.

Anyway, we’re still trying to come up with the poster layout. I’ll be posting it sometime this week when its done. For now, gotta scoot work deadlines are at my mercy…argh….hate Mondays!!


~ by roadworthyman on November 5, 2007.

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