Blabbering of a Wannabe Workaholic.

My band Kage is going to be rehearsing tonight. Agenda would be trying to learn the 90’s covers for our upcoming gig next Saturday. Hopefully some productivity are in order for us four tonight.

Also on a side note, my project band or should I say other band Sinister 6 will have a gig tonight at Outpost. This band plays classic rock covers and were hoping to write some original stuff along the way.

Actually this band has already existed since 2003, but time schedules kept this band from playing live regularly. What with one working at a callcenter, the other works at a hotel, while another works at a five star hotel within the metro, so it’s really hard to schedule these guys.

Lately, their schedules have made it easier for us to rehearse again and hopefully play live as well. Here’s hoping the gig tonight turns out ok.

Oh yeah, there’s gonna be an upcoming gig this month and Sinister 6 is slated to play along with the other guitar enthusiasts of Cebu. The event is called “Cebu Guitar Festival” and the dates will be on the 22, 23, and 24. I’ll have some updates as soon as I get some news from the organizers.

Enough of the blabbering, gotta start on my next project..argh..a very long one this time…and my eyes are getting sleepy…sheesh…life of a wanna be workaholic. 


~ by roadworthyman on November 7, 2007.

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