Let there be rock….

Fulfilling is the word that comes to mind after last night’s rehearsal with Kage and also a side audition gig at Outpost with Sinister 6. First, our rehearsals with Kage went well considering that most of the covers we practiced, were some songs we knew from way back. Songs by the bands Collective Soul, Pearl Jam, and STP were some of the things we covered last night.

 We’re hoping that our productivity by this week will increase and so will the pressure. Since the gig will be next Saturday, we will be rehearsing earlier next week. So for now, our main goal is to learn the other songs on the cd that was agreed upon by me and the rest of the guys.

By the way the setup for the event will be two bands(Kage and Idle) playing two sets each, and the gig will start at around 10pm. Entrance is always free but the booze isn’t hehehehehe.

Also on a side note on my other band Sinister 6. We played a set full of classic rock last night. Audience’s response was pretty okay, well receptive would be the word. There were a couple of foreigners who enjoyed our setlist. A fellow by the name of Stewart, whose accent I believe comes from Ireland, enjoyed our covers.

He requested one song by Black Sabbath, which we played for him(Although Thirdy’s voice was starting to give out) but nevertheless we still performed it with much gusto, to the delight of that Ireland fella.

Our next gig will be on the 24th of November for “Cebu Guitar Festival” which will be held at Outpost. Yup, we just got the confirmation date from the organizers last night on our schedule. 

Actually, the event will be held on 22, 23, and 24 of this month. It will feature music from different guitar players ranging from Classical guitarist to Jazz guitarist to Rock.

Do check out this link for more information on that event: www.cebuguitarfest.multiply.com


~ by roadworthyman on November 8, 2007.

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