A Horseman Cometh..



“Ride forth on the
barren path, the hoofs
of the horses unleashed
on a beckoning ride to

“The wheels have turned,
No one is spared from
it’s almighty burn”

“Heed not for its desire
but for its anger”

“A fuel for fire
the side of what can

“A sword, a symbol of might
Beneath its handle
lies a mockery’s delight”

“Beneath the metal
lies a thousand fold
blood of old”

“Beneath it’s owner
A call to arms
granted by human scars”

“Beneath it’s soul
lies a lone warrior beaten
from dusk to dawn”

“Beneath it’s war
brings a thousand deaths
which cannot lament”

I wrote this piece from watching the movie “Sleepy Hollow“(The recent adaptation from Disney)which happens to be one of my fave movies as well. 

 I enjoyed the part of the headless horseman, since it was played by my favorite actor Christopher Walken. The fierce look in his eyes makes you wonder if he’s really after your head, or basically just wanted to find his own head.

A part of me wants to be that horseman, galloping into the night. Sword raised while charging at full speed, never makes a slightest sound, except the hoofs of the horse..damn. I’m going to watch that movie again when I get the chance to.


~ by roadworthyman on November 9, 2007.

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