Moody Blues on a Monday.

My weekend was sorta a blast of some sorts. Well, to start things off, I’m happy for my friends from Fuzz/Black Waters(They still haven’t figured out their new name!). They finally found their new frontman, after painfully searching for a new one, utililizing other means of placing ads for a new vocalist. They finally found a somewhat gifted fellow by the name of “KAM” who, for now shall remain mysterious until the time is right for these guys to finally reveal their new frontman to the music scene.

I was told that this guy can belt out more than you can shake your money maker at. Whatever the case will be, I’m hoping these guys will be something once they start playing live soon.

 As for my Saturday, I was at an old bandmate’s house celebrating his daughter’s birthday. There I met some of my long time friends from the music scene. After our bit of  drinking binge and sorta purge, we went to Pandora’s Box, since Carlo, guitarist for Sinister 6 and our barkada as well was there with his staff from work.

To make this story short, we came, we saw, we drank beer.

The rest they say is history….and here I am back at work on a Monday and I’m still reminicing about the beer from Saturday night…argh…someone hand me an aspirin and don’t call me on a Monday morning….sheesh.


~ by roadworthyman on November 12, 2007.

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