Some rants straight from the mind of a frustrated homosapien

Last night, we rehearsed some of the other covers from the 90s, and I must say that our productivity was pretty okay. Although some parts of the songs needs some more practice, but it’s comforting to know that all of us are really into this motivation to polish the covers before Saturday’s event.

We’ll be rehearsing again sometime tomorrow night, to finalized every song on our setlist for the gig.

Patience is gold, and I’m positive that we will nail those covers without much effort.

A side note, my other band Sinister 6 will be rehearsing also tonight to also finalized the covers for our event sometime next weekend. So my schedule for this week is kinda pretty hectic, but hey! who’s complaining right?

After a long day at work, what better way than to bash things with sticks, and unleash some of our negative energy being channeled inside my system.

Capping the night off, I grabbed some chow from my favorite resto bar and cafe, Pandora’s Box. Me and Dhee talked about the details on when our band Pandora is scheduled to make a comeback.  We’re looking at possibly returning sometime next year January, in time for Sinulog I suppose.

Dhee’s pretty excited about her upcoming baby, and so are we. We’re hoping that after she gives birth to her “rock princess”, we’ll be focusing again on our band and finish recording the remaining songs for our debut album.

So there goes my rants, hopefully some minor updates here and there for the gig this where the heck is the poster for that event!…hold your horses…I’ll be posting it  sometime this week.

Still have to text the organizer for the poster..tsk..tsk..lazy o’l me…and to think the gig’s around the corner…tick…tick..tick..tock…tick..tick…tick…tock…clock is ticking ladies and gents…….

~ by roadworthyman on November 14, 2007.

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