A Blast from the Past of some sorts..


Just something from the past that I stumbled upon, when I opened some long lost files. This picture was taken 7 years ago(Yup, it has been that long) This was our former band “Persona Non Grata” with Jaan on Guitars, Garret on Bass, Me on drums and our American amigo-turned-Cebuano rocker guy, Roger Looney on vocals.

I missed playing with this band ever since Roger migrated to Korea. But, sometimes when does come back to Cebu, we sorta jam with him.

I posted this old pic as sort of a reminder of good times and bad times for this band.

We had our shares of up’s and down’s with this band. And in the end, we still ended up as friends and drinking buddies.

Me and Roger used to call ourselves “Palahubog” back in our day. Yeah, well we still call ourselves that name, when he’s in town.

But I do missed the days when we rehearsed for hours at his humble abode of a house in Mactan. Where the booze and other drinks were sooo.. unlimited, and the food? So delicioso, as Roger’s wife Ruby, cooks one of the best meals this side of the south.

Ahhh the long lost years of rock, well we played at some bar gigs and some concerts. But it was fun while it lasted. We recorded some demos, which up to this day is still stuck in some studio. I have no idea if Roger is planning to released it as a full length album or just basically demos.

Today, I still have the privilege of having Jaan and Garret as my bandmates. But, back then being with PNG(Persona Non Grata) was different.

I just hope that someday, those “lost” demos can see the light of day. I might have to talk with Roger about producing those demos somehow and trying to finish recording the other songs.

Well that’s some blast from the past for ya..Now..gotta get back to work…deadlines are but a drag….sheesh…


~ by roadworthyman on November 19, 2007.

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