Cebu Guitar Festival Updates~!



 Here’s the official Poster for that upcoming event.

 And here it is folks, the official lineup for the festivities: 

 Junks Muana and Jonathan Tejano of Hardwood, Henri Tradio of 40, Arnold “Anot” Ang of 40, Randy Pages of 40, Joel Oportu, Edgar Anciano of Abyss, Paul Canada of CDMC, Frank, Johnnie. Benjie Rigor of Centerfold, Ian Zafra of Shiela and the Insects, William of Island Joe, Andy Calope, Prudence of SoulString, Jaan Quijano of Kage, Persona Non Grata. Carlo Borromeo of Sinister 6, Sam Codilla of Sparc7, Johnnie. Franklin Veloso of Powerspoons, Bruce Conte formerly of Tower of Power and Earth, Wind & Fire, Dondon “Gaw” Luche of Hastang, Arciemon of JuniorKilat, Vince Russo of Soul Mafia, Wilson Yu of Still, Edgar Nacua, Jon of PostMortem, William of Island Joe, Bebot Alegre,  Danny of Smooth Friction, plus more surprise guests.

Two of my bandmates from my respective bands will playing on that event. Jaan Quijano, who is scheduled on Friday will be representing our band Kage (Although he is representing our band, but we won’t be playing on that event.) And lastly,  Carlo Borromeo who will be representing my other band Sinister 6 (which I will be playing with this Saturday!).

Do check out this upcoming event which will happen this week, starting this Thursday(Nov. 22), Friday(Nov. 23), and Saturday(Nov. 24).

Support your local geetar playas! See you guys at any of these dates! Show starts 9pm, and there is no entrance fee!!

~ by roadworthyman on November 21, 2007.

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