the gig that was…

“Freaking blasting fun!” would be the word to describe last weekend’s event held at Outpost Resto Bar. For those tuning in, I was talking about the 3 day event “Cebu Guitar Festival”, which showcased a lot of Cebu’s local guitar players and some special guests from Manila and U.S.

Yup, U.S. in the form of Mr. Bruce Conte (Tower of Power fame) and Manila’s Sammy Anuncion(Spy), who managed to showcase some of their guitar chops to the spectators and guitar enthusiasts.

I went there last Friday night to catch my bandmate Jaan Quijano playing his set with his back up band, composed of veteran players in the local music scene. It had Brian Sacro on bass guitar, Sam and Junell Codilla both on guitar and drums respectively.

They played an awesome set with tight rhythm groove going between Brian and Jaan.

Saturday night, I played with my band “Sinister 6” and I must say that our set wasn’t that bad. Well, except for some technical glitches on Carlo’s guitar on the first song, everything else went pretty well.

I have to admit, I was kinda feeling a bit nervous and somewhat jittery in the sense. Playing for this kinda event makes it more important and special. And the fact, that we were a part of this celebration gave us more than enough motivation to really rock the house that night.

 After the first song, we launched right into another of Joe Satriani’s piece “Always in me, Always in you” which I must say drew some responses from the crowd. I guess they were familiar with this piece than the first song.

Later on, we had lead man Thirdy come up on stage, to sing two of Santana’s songs.  The crowd popped for the sweet and sexy intro of “Black Magic Woman”, which made some people dance in the sides.

“She’s not there” was the last song on our set, and this is where we really had fun playing. We gave Carlo the spotlight on this one, since he is the one being featured on this night after all.

Coupled with some slight solos from Popoy and I, we capped the night off just basically jamming the last piece till Carlo gave me the nod to end the tripped out jam.

After the gig, as I was heading out to change Mr. Bruce Conte himself came over and shooked my hand and said he enjoyed our set. Man, I was in awe since I’m shaking hands with one of the legendary member of Tower of Power. He introduced me to his companion(His name is Vince,  which I believe happens to be one of the members of the band Soul Mafia).

Bruce asked me if I could somehow do some session work with them, to which I readily nodded. So, we exchanged numbers hoping to start on the session work soon(I’m hoping this will push through, It’ll be a huge challenge for me that’s for sure).

I also watched my idol who happens to be one of Cebu’s  “drum god” Winston, tearing the drums out, and playing some pretty cool fills on their covers. We exchanged numbers since I asked him to teach me some other stuff(Hehehe possibly, coz I’m preparing myself for Mr. Bruce Conte?I think not!)

 Things got interesting when in the middle of Abyss set, the power went out. I heard that there were some power overload or something. Whatever the case, I left the place together with Popoy and Dondon( a friend of ours) and basically ended our night at Pandora’s Box of free booze courtesy by Lorenz (Pandora’s guitarist)

So, on behalf of the organizers of the event we would like say thanks for making us a part of your celebration, and a mighty congratulations for a successful event.

Here’s hoping for another guitar fest next year!


~ by roadworthyman on November 26, 2007.

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  1. i love your set! =).. can’t wait for next year’s festival =)..

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