Finally December! but where in the world is o’l kris kringle?

Back again in the realms of my work station after a 3 day vacation of some sorts, and already work loads are starting to pile up. It didn’t even gave me enough time to catch up on my vacation hangover. Nevertheless we gotta pay the bills right?

And so the battle rages on. Yo Joe!

Finally, it’s December and the mood around our surroundings are starting to change, sort of an over night makeover. You can feel the cool crisp and sometimes rainy December air starting to change.

Fancy lights being displayed in every stores, or houses. People caroling from one house to another. Some fireworks are visible in the night skies  now and then.

People crowding in malls for that Christmas shopping habit, with malls parading with their 3 day sale gimicks, and everything must go items.

Yup, this is the season to be jolly and this is the season where we take time to remember on our details on who’s who of the peeps we need to remember, and maybe some checklist in the sides also might come in handy.

Why? It’s the season where we have to spend more cash on presents for those dear to our hearts.

Yup, its a ho ho ho ho horde to your nearest mall and grab everything while it’s still available.

Me? I’m still wishing for O’l Kris Kringle to visit me sometime, hoping he’ll leave me a present under our Christmas Tree..that is..if he’ll fit in our windows, since we don’t have any chimneys.

Otherwise, I’ll just settle for any hand me downs from my brother-in-law who happens to be a gadget freak when it comes to computer games, or maybe some WWE t-shirt will also do.

Whatever the case, I guess my mind has not made it’s own decision on what I should get for myself for this coming Yuletide Season. I guess an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 would do nicely, yet both are so expensive that I might have to sell my soul to any soul collector just so I can grab one of these goodies.

*Sigh* Christmas is here and not a Jolly O’l Krinkle in sight….


~ by roadworthyman on December 3, 2007.

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