Percussions anyone?

“Look at him go, he plays so perfect,” says Hardwood guitarist and Outpost owner Sir Junx Muana on Mr. Bruce Conte playing that mean o’l guitar, while we were sitting at the bar, watching Mr. Conte playing with his band who were following his lead. 

Last Wednesday night, I was at Outpost Resto Bar  and was supposed to play with Bruce’s band. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to since his drummer came at the last minute.

I’ ll admit it was kind of a bummer not being able to play. Although their drummer was kind enough to offer me to split their set list, with him taking first set and I, taking second. 

I opted not to play for the very fact that I barely knew their set list and considering how Bruce rehearses, it’s like trying to learn a new song in one minute.

I politely declined, because I’d rather watch them play instead of me playing up there with them. Heck, I haven’t really seen them play a whole set live. So, seeing this is the perfect opportunity to watch them play, I decided to be just a mere spectator for the night.

 Grabbing a chair from the bar, I quitely sat down waiting for their set to start. They started at 10:30pm, not exactly the time they were supposed to start, but nevertheless it was worth the wait.

Sir Junx was beside me the whole time the band was playing, and he was really admiring every minute of that set. He talked about how some of Bruce’s playing reminded him of some bands in the 60’s and 70’s.

Bruce invited Vince of Soul Mafia to play second guitar and also “Attorney” Grae to sing a few songs. After which, it was an open jam of some sorts. Since, there were some conggas lying around, I went up on stage and jammed with them on percussions.

I wouldn’t say my night was a total waste, but at least in some way I managed to jam with Mr. Bruce Conte and his band.

And right now, I’m thinking of asking Bruce if I could play percussions with his band..hmmm would that mean a career change for yours truly?. Nah, just a sudden thought since I had fun playing percussions with them that night.

Now, if only I could afford to get me one of these conggas…


~ by roadworthyman on December 7, 2007.

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