Lazy o’l me..but then..*burp!*

Haven’t updated my blog last Monday since I was swamped with some work deadlines. Nevertheless, here I am ranting on my so called blog on some other things that I need to write.

Saturday’s gig at Outpost with my band Sinister 6 went well. We did 2 rocking sets of classic rock, and eventually made some people dance to some of it. Carlo also did two instrumentals from Joe Satriani as well.

We had fun playing that night. Popoy and I managed to squeeze in some solos in between sets. The later doing Lee Retanoir’s “Rio Funk”, while I tried to do justice to Led Zepplin’s “Moby Dick.”

Heck, I can’t play like John Bonham but I’d like to give tribute to this man for being so innovative when it comes to his famous drum fills and the likes on any Led Zepplin songs. 

Last night, I met my bandmates from Pandora for a meeting. Agenda for that meeting involved our upcoming gigs, some new cover songs we might need to learn and also finishing up our long delayed album.

Each of us gave our own ideas on the type of songs we might consider covering.

I must say, I missed playing with these guys and hopefully by early January next year we will get the ball rolling again.

Some possible gigs might include fronting a Manila band during Sinulog, but again I have to confirm that with the organizers. Also a comeback gig for Pandora might be in the works in January.

I’m still waiting for the confirmation from Sandi, the guy  in charge of the gig schedules at Outpost. Hopefully I’ll be given the green light, and then we’ll start working from there.

We ended the night with some San Mig Lights and Red Horse down our throats and capped it off with some sisig and chicaron bulaklak in the sides. 



~ by roadworthyman on December 12, 2007.

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