the official poster! :)

 Here is the official poster for the upcoming event this Saturday at The Outpost.

Just click on the link to see the poster. [caccxtji.jpg]

I haven’t been updating my blogs for the very fact that our work loads have been keeping me company for the last couple of days. Well, a long vacation has it’s price to pay right?

Nevertheless, we shall carry on like soldiers off to war.

 Last week’s rehearsals with Pandora somewhat came both as refreshing and exciting. Our creative juices seems to be flowing again.

We started jamming on the new covers, and with Carlo Borromeo in tow, (Yup, the guy playing lead guitar for Sinister 6 will be handling some guitar and keyboard parts on some of the covers.) we arranged some of the songs and at the same time trying to figure out which ones work and which doesn’t.

Some minor adjustments here and there might do the trick on the covers.

Tonight, we will be rehearsing again and hopefully some productivity are in order.

Aside from Carlo Borromeo, our event will also feature some of Cebu’s best musicians who will be guesting on some songs.

Who they are is something that you’ll need to tune in this coming Saturday 🙂

I am not at the liberty to divulge any other information, except that this event is really special for all four of us.

 I’m inviting each and everyone of you to our event this coming Saturday [January 12, 2008] at “The Outpost” with special guest band “Black Waters” who by the way will also debut their new vox by the name of “Kam.”

Gig starts 10pm and entrance is free.  See you peeps this coming Saturday! Spread the word.

By the way, today is Lorenz’s natal day.  Happy Birthday Idol!! 


~ by roadworthyman on January 8, 2008.

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