How to not motivate others…

“I looked out this morning and the sun was gone
Turned on some music to start my day
I lost myself in a familiar song
I closed my eyes and I slipped away”

                                      Boston | “More Than a Feeling”

I feel like hell today. “Tired” would be the word to describe what I’m feeling right this very moment. It’s like I’m a walking zombie, whose hunger is trying to find a decent sleep, rather than trying to eat humans for breakfast.

Yup, my body has been deprived of such this morning. It’s mainly because I have been working my ass off during our rehearsals last night, trying to motivate my bandmates to hit the right notes on the new covers.

Well, such a feat can’t be acomplished in just one or two days right? Depends really if you have the heart and determination to really do something about it.

I guarantee that results can really make a big difference.  But if you sit there doing nothing, and I mean really nothing, chances are that is where you will remain for good.

Why am I ranting about this? Mainly, because both my mind and body are tired. Not to mention that my work load is starting to pile up as we speak.

I really wouldn’t know how I can teach these people to motivate themselves. It’s like trying to cram all the abc’s of motivation inside that person’s mind or heart.

I guess maybe to some it is sort of a wishful thinking, but to others it’s more like; “Screw you! I have been doing this longer than you have.” Well, all I can say is, “Whatever dude!” 

It doesn’t really matter if you have those years of experience tucked under your belt. But it’s more on how you motivate yourself to do things exactly how you want them to turn out.

Respecting yourself also makes you unique that you learn to respect the other person around you as well.

Maybe sometime or somehow, I might find those in front of me. But for now, I’m more contented with just sitting back and letting others take it from here.

I am hoping a miracle can take place sometime this week, and if there aren’t? I guess it’ll be more than just a feeling for yours truly.


~ by roadworthyman on January 9, 2008.

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