Why I hate Action Figures.

Back in the day when cartoons such as He-man, Thundercats, and GIJOE ruled the airwaves,  action figures were also created to coincide with the sudden popularity of these cartoons.

Action figures basically ruled the department stores during that time. It’s like every store that you happen to stop by carries all of the cartoon’s action figures, accessories and their vehicles. 

Kids of my age who happened to have rich daddys and mommys got to horde all the action figures that they can find during that time. They felt like they won a freaking lottery  on a shopping spree for action figures, courtesy of their loving and “oh-so-rich” parents.

Now,  in my case I don’t have a rich daddy and mommy who can afford to horde these action figures at their expenses.

Rather, they happened to be just one of those people who are more contended in getting me those fake or wannabe action figures that you see on the sidewalks or near churches then spending for an actual one.

I don’t wanna sound like a spoiled brat for a kid, but considering the popularity of those actual action figures back then and with mine having to be a fake action figure just didn’t seemed right.

Whenever we stop by at any of the stores, I’d always stray towards the toys department and stayed there looking at all these neat action figures on display. Marveling at the unique features it came along with.

Grabbing one particular He-man action figure, I couldn’t believe I was holding an actual toy and not a fake one.

I was so engrossed with the action figure that I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my long side burns as if some invisible force field is trying to pull me towards something.

It turns out, my mom was so angry that I wandered off without her knowing where I was.  So, you can imagine how angry she was when she found out where I went to.

 I begged her to buy me the He-man action figure to which she said no and mentioned that we were going home.

 Dragging me by my sideburns, I was crying and wailing all the while my mom kept saying no and continued pulling me away from the kingdom of action figures.

The next thing I knew, my dad scooped me up by his arms and carried me away.  I was frantically trying to reach out to some pathetic imaginary force to keep me from being carried away from that store.

Finally, settling inside the car my parents lectured me on the do’s and don’ts on why I shouldn’t get those toys. They were trying to explain things to me during that time when my young mind was still in the early stages of learning. 

 I couldn’t make out what their point was back then, since all I cared about was that action figure.

Thus, that ended my crusade on those “actual” action figures.

Years later, I chanced upon the same department store where years ago my parents were shopping.

Looking around the toys department, times have indeed changed. Not to mention that there were also some new batch of action figures to look at.

 I took one of the He-man action figure from the shelf, and started marveling at it’s new neat features. All the while still thinking and trying to figure out why long ago my mom and dad wouldn’t get me these action figures.

I kept on pondering and realized that it’s not that they didn’t want to get me that action figure back then, but they were teaching me the early stages of being practical about money.

Now, looking at this He-man action figure and the high price stamped on it, I can’t help but think of my current situation right now. It’s really hard when you’re on your own and paying the bills just keeps getting harder everyday. 

Now, I’m more contented with just looking at it and marvelling at it how it has evolved over the years.

 I kept thinking to myself that maybe the adult in me, keeps me in check from not buying that action figure right away.

But, the long lost boy inside me also wishes I had a rich mommy and daddy who could afford to horde me these action figures right there and then.

~ by roadworthyman on January 10, 2008.

One Response to “Why I hate Action Figures.”

  1. bai, hapit lang ko. ang akoa sa una bai kay pusil-pusil, tarak-tarak, balay-balay ug uban pang doblehonon nga mga pulong aron ingnong dili tinuod (way labot ang kiay-kiay). tagaaaaayyy!!!

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