And a Big Kudos to All…

On behalf of the band, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people who were involved with this event one way or another. First on the list is Sandi, thank you for your commitment and time on this bai. I really appreciate your help in getting this gig organized | Sir Junx and Sir Randy for supporting our event | The Outpost Staff for taking time to attend to our needs.

The sponsors on this event especially; “Idol Blair” and his “merry men” technicians of Light Bulb Productions for the sound system and cymbals | Joe Phoenix Productions, Unlimited for the much needed help in arranging this event | Joe “The man” Phoenix for being there always from the start | Monster Radio for the radio ads | Q4 for the layout design on the poster | Dave “Backs” Tomada for arranging the pics’ layout used on the projector | The band “Black Waters” for opening our event with a bang, you guys did good despite the technical problems involved but still you kicked ass!.

The guest musicians; Carlo Borromeo for your time and patience with this band | Jaan Quijano for being so fast and still so young despite your age bai 🙂 | Armand Paredes for being lazy at the last minute trying to learn the two covers, but you still pulled it off with some David Blaine stuff on it 🙂 | Jam Quijano for finally getting your head back to earth and rocking out that night | Brian Bautista for singing your heart out to someone out there who wasn’t there, but should have been | Cam for pulling off those difficult octaves on “More Than a Feeling.”

To all the websites that helped in promoting our event as well, Thank you for letting us use your precious spaces to plug our event:| | | Rhythm | |

And lastly, to our friends | loved ones | and the rest of the people who were there that night to support Pandora..

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to say, thank you so much for the overwhelming support!! 🙂

 Here’s to more events in the future…


~ by roadworthyman on January 14, 2008.

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