Finally, we returned…

I’m back in the inner confines of my work station on a beautiful Monday morning, and I am still feeling sore from last Saturday’s gig at The Outpost.

What can I say about the whole event? It’s a mixture really of feeling tired and yet very fullfilled that the event went as smoothly as possible. Although, there some flaws here and there during the performance from my other bandmates. Nevertheless, we put on a great show during that night.

We started the event at 10pm with special guest “Black Waters” doing the honors of opening the gig with a bang by chugging out tunes from the likes of The Cult, Alice in Chains, Sound Garden, and Skid Row.

The band’s front man “Cam” was finally introduced to the members of the audience who were intrigue as to who the heck these guys are. Cam belted out some higher octaves which made some of the audience scream along with the band.

They finally ended their set at 11pm. At that point Joe Phoenix called our attention to huddle together for some last minute instructions and a prayer as well to ask a divine inspiration from the big man above.

We started our set with an introduction from Joe Phoenix, our host for that evening, then we went directly to our first cover song from the band Paramore.

Our setlist consisted of our old covers and some new covers in between, which made it interesting for some who were there that night.

People were already packing the place when we started the first set, so we didn’t expect that they might be sticking around for the second set after we ended our first set at 12am.

After a short 15mins break, we took center stage once again. Now, this is the part where we finally started revealing our surprises to the people who were around. A lot of them were asking us earlier what our surprises were.

I told them to stick around and watch for it. Little did they know that we prepared some nifty covers which later on they’d be singing along with.

The crowd started filling up once again when we started our second set. So, right away we knew that they were really expecting the so-called “surprises” that we mentioned a while back.

Carlo came on board to play keyboards and guitars on the new covers, while Brian Bautista (bassist/Black Waters) sang Nelsons’ “Can’t live without your love and affection.”

During the fifth song, Dhee said “Kani among sunod na song, makaingon dyud mog beer pa dai!.” It was funny, because we knew right away what the fifth song will be when she said that. We were laughing and then gave a nod of encouragement for Carlo to start the song.

Needless to say, when he played the intro to the song “Alone” by the band Heart. Everyone was screaming and shouting which made us feel inspired doing this piece.

Everyone sang along to that song and so on the rest of the covers that we also did by the band Firehouse, which featured Jaan Quijano (Kage and Cattski guitarist) playing lead guitars. 

 In the middle of our setlist, we revealed another surprise which involves me playing the conggas, while I gave up the drummer’s throne “temporarily” to my good buddy Armand Paredes (Black Waters’ drummer) to play on two covers.

We launched directly into Madonna’s “I’ll Remember” and right on cue, we had a projector turned on facing the otherside of the stage to reveal pictures of the band, our friends, former bandmates and the likes.

Dhee has always stated that this event is also a tribute to all of our friends, families, bandmates, and former bandmates. So, seeing those pictures flash one panel at a time on the white board, while the band played along made it more memorable as well.

We continued on with Extreme’s “Hole Hearted” with Jaan Qujano and Carlo Borromeo on additional guitars, while I played conggas and sang backing vocals at the same time.

Later in the set, Jam Quijano (Lead guitar/Black Waters) came on board to play additional guitars on the songs:  “Under Pressure” originally done by Queen and “Who Knew” by Pink.

During “Paradise City”(a Guns and Roses cover) Johnnus’ bass amp gave out in the middle of the song. I had to do an impromtu drum solo, while the technicians worked on fixing the bass amp.

It’s a good thing that they managed to fix the amp, otherwise I’d be stuck doing solos for the rest of the event, which I wasn’t comfortable with.

Finally,  we capped the event with a rendition of Boston’s “More than a Feeling” which saw Cam once again taking the stage and singing along with Dhee for this song. Also, the song featured Carlo and Jaan playing guitars along with Lorenz to give the song a much needed boost.

Dhee thanked everyone who were there to support the event, as well as introducing our “fifth” member which happens to be our main man and new manager “Joe Phoenix.”

We finally did what we came to do, and we were very pleased with the outcome of that event. I’m hoping we can do another event soon. For now, we need to focus on finishing the album on time.

We’re looking at this year as the release date of the album. When? I really can’t speculate yet, but probably in the middle of the year maybe. 

Well, enough rants gotta get back to work…Sinulog is around the corner and the band is gearing up for their gig skeds this Sunday..till the next blog…….ciao!

~ by roadworthyman on January 14, 2008.

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