Sinulog’s aftermath…..

What a Sinulog weekend that was! The bummer part was that we had to report for work yesterday morning, after the festivities from the previous night.

To start off, last Saturday night, my band Kage played at Tapas Lounge somewhere in Banilad. We basically played for two sets of pure rocking and alternative songs. The crowd were starting to pile up by the time we finished our first set.

Second set wasn’t bad either, except for the second to the last song where Jaan actually broke one of the strings on his guitar, thereby ending our set earlier as planned.

People were clamouring for more songs to which Junie had to begged off since we couldn’t play our last song, due to some technical difficulties.

Still, the response was great and the owner told us how he enjoyed our set and he’s hoping that he’ll book us again for another event. Well, I’m gonna cross my fingers on that as well.

During Sunday, I played with Kage and Pandora, but both had different venues. So, after playing with Kage at Belly Idol, I rushed towards Mango Square Mall, where Pandora was slated to play to close out The Dawn’s concert for that night.

We ended up playing in the wee hours of the morning. Our call time was 9pm and we ended up playing 2am in the morning. How that happened?I wouldn’t know, even Joe our manager doesn’t know how the people behind the event handled the whole thing.

They kept on moving the schedules to accomodate The Dawn’s schedule, which to some was a huge headache, since it did not follow the original schedule as planned.

Well, to make this story short, we played right after “The Dawn.” I managed to shook hands with Wolf Gemora(former drummer of the band Wolfgang, and current drummer for Lokomotive) who was there in the sides, watching The Dawn playing their set.

I also managed to shook hands with Buddy Zabala(former E-Heads bassist, current The Dawn bassist) and Francis Reyes(The Dawn’s lead axeman)

 Anyways, we played right after The Dawn for like an hour or so. We still managed to gather the people in front of the stage and they were basically singing and dancing to some of our covers.

After an exhausting set, we headed straight home to get some well deserved sleep. I woke up three hours later for work, and that’s how tired and dazed I was yesterday.

This weekend I’ll be playing with my other band Sinister 6 at Outpost. But that’s another story….still have to move my lazy butt to finish some of my work today.

*sigh* I wish someone would give me a back massage right this moment….sheesh…wishful thinking.

~ by roadworthyman on January 22, 2008.

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