Rants and not so rants….

I’m basically bored with what I’m doing right now with my current work, so I’ll let out some rants to keep my sanity intact.

I guess our gig last night turned out okay, except for some technical glitches on the part on Lorenz’s guitar. He broke one of his guitar string in the middle of one of our songs.

Luckily, he had a spare string and managed to fixed it right away. We eventually finished our set without anymore problems.

Also, last night I talked with Ian Zafra(Midweek Sessions organizer/former Sheila and the Insects guitarist) for some updates about our upcoming studio project. 

We started discussing about this project late last year, during our “not-so-busy” schedules over booze and some slices of pizzas at Handuraw.

Recently, Ian recorded some guitar and vocal tracks at Jay Young’s house. Jay(former Hard Candy bassist) will be handling the bass parts for this project as well as manning the controls in the studio.   

For now, we will be learning the songs individually, as each of us will have our hands full in figuring out what parts work and what parts do not work. 

I haven’t heard his materials yet, since during those times when he recorded those tracks together with Jay, I wasn’t able to drop by due to other commitments that I had to attend to during that time.

Nevertheless, our willingness to do something together made this project both exciting and at the same time refreshing for the three of us.

I’ll be posting some updates about this project as soon as we start recording the whole enchilada.

Also, this February, Pandora will resume recording the remaining tracks at Zzubu Recording Studio. We’re hoping to finish everything by the middle of this year. Stay tuned for some updates on this as well. 

On a side note, I’ll be doing another studio work for Postmortem‘s lead guitarist Jon Vistal for his solo project. It’ll be something to look forward this year.

And now, on to our regular scheduled work time…I’m outta here..


~ by roadworthyman on January 31, 2008.

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