The case of those missing entries….

Haven’t been blogging lately due to the fact that our work loads were piling up here and there.  Last week, I had to hammer down those work deadlines since our company needed those materials asap.

Pressures breathing down my neck haven’t done wonders for yours truly. I was used to having a lax workload mind you. But then, the sudden surge of work loads and their impending deadlines haven’t been kind to me lately.

I’m just hoping that these so-called “pressure overload” might go away soon. Otherwise, I’m gonna be stuck here in a moment, living like a hidden hermit working my buttocks off.

Oh well, Valentines Day is 3 days from today. I’m hoping for a miracle of love this week to get these workloads off my back.

Might as well enjoy these pressures while I still can…..*sigh*

~ by roadworthyman on February 11, 2008.

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