It’s basically a Catch 22! A what?!

I was watching a movie on tv the other night. If it was on HBO,  Cinemax, or Star Movies I don’t know.  My mind wasn’t really paying attention to the upper right logo of what channel I was watching during that time.

My fingers were on the remote the whole time so it’s like they were doing my mind’s bidding, switching on channels while my mind sits comfortably at his “high command” of a post and just lazily staring at the tv screen without any effort.

Anyway,  I was watching this one movie and heard one of the actors mentioned “Catch 22″ as a form of explaining it to one of his comrades on a situation.

Now, we have heard people use “Catch 22″ as an expression and we usually hear that from tv shows, radios, or movies. But we never bothered to look it up on what it really meant didn’t we?

Well, to some lazy bums (that includes me!) ”Catch 22″ is a form of explanation for a situation where one thing must happen in order to cause another thing to happen, but because the first thing does not happen the second thing cannot happen as well.

An example would be like this: “If you don’t have a place to stay, you can’t get a job and with no job, you can’t get an apartment.” 

 Now then, since we already know what this expression means, it’s safe to say that in the world of conversations and the likes, we can try to somewhat inject this kind of expression on a given situation or scenerio. But, be extra careful as well in inserting this expression, whenever we try to use this idiom.

We also have to make sure that we do not sound like having too much raging jargons on our system or possibly were from another planet or something.   

You’ll be hearing more of this term or expression regardless if it’s on a movie, a tv show, or someone from another country who enjoys having conversations with you. At least this time, whenever someone mentions that expression, you won’t have to search far and wide for what the heck that means.  

Now I know what it means, and as my favorite cartoon GI-JOE  would always tell me at the end of their show “Knowing is half the battle”.  Yo!! Joe!!

~ by roadworthyman on April 18, 2008.

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