Holy Blogsite! It’s the Robin Express!!

I was watching some videos on the Youtube the other day, when I came upon some old videos of the tv show “Batman.” I smiled with glee, reminicing the days, when I used to watch this show back in the 80’s. 

This show was created in 1966. Pretty old you might say!

Adam West and Burt Ward, collectively known as “The Dynamic Duo” were the actors who donned the costumes portraying Batman and Robin respectively. 

Anyway, while watching some of the episodes of the tv show, I couldn’t help but noticed how Robin would utter some of those famous “holy lines” of his, which to some can sometimes be downright weird especially when he says it at the spur of the moment.

I decided to do some research on those famous “holy lines” and came up with some interesting quotes from the boy wonder himself. (Disclaimer: These do not reflect my views,  just got this from the net dudes. Try surfing it!)

Robin’s Holy List:

Holy Sardine!
Holy Nightmare!
Holy Merlin The Magician!
Holy Long John Silver! A Pirate Parascope!
Holy Glue Pot!
Holy Polaris!
Holy Demolition!
Holy Halloween!
Holy Heart Failure!
Holy Costume Party! That’s The Penguin!
Holy Hallucinations!
Holy Marathon Batman! I’m Getting A Stitch.
Holy Captain Nemo!
Holy Bikini That Was Close!
Holy Heatbreak! Miss Kitka
Holy Almost!
Holy Jumble! 
Holy Kleenex Batman! It was right under our nose and we blew it!
Holy Rosary Batman, it’s the Pope!
Holy No deposit! No return!

See? Told you it can be downright weird. Now here are more quotes.

Robin: “Whoa! You came down that pole like a pro, Alfred.”

Robin: “The batcomputer is none too frisky today, Batman.”

Robin: “Well, we’re dressed for investigating, so let’s investigate.”

Robin: “Sorry, Batman. I slipped on the Baked Alaska.

Robin: “Catwoman mentioned an assault on Mount Gotham.”
Batman: “But where is Mount Gotham?”
Robin: “I don’t know… Holy Alps! I’d better brush up on my geography!”

Robin: “Ole, Batman! Ole!”

Marsha to Aunt Hilda: “You bumbling old hag, you’ve failed again.”
Robin: “That’s no way to talk to an old lady!”

Batman: “Let’s go Robin, we’ve nary a second to lose! Vamanos!”
Robin: “Right amigo!”

Batman: “I’m glad you’re up on your foreign languages, Robin. They come in handy when fighting crime.”
Robin: “Si, si, Batmon.”

Robin: “I bet even Shakespeare didn’t have words for such villainy!”

Robin: “This’ll teach that crook to be a litterbug. He should put trash in the proper waste container!”

Batman: “Robin, take the word ‘bank’ and spell it backwards.”
Robin: “K-N-A-B. Knab!”

Robin: “They’re throwing fish at us!”

Robin: “It’s all a blur. Like a horrible day-mare.”

Robin: “There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip, Batman.”

Robin: “The way we get into these scrapes and get out of them, it’s almost as though someone was dreaming up these situations, guiding our destiny.”

Robin: “Batman, I don’t dig this.”

Robin: “Joker’s blackmail threat isn’t worth a tinker’s darn.”

Batman to Catwoman: “The odds are about right, four against one.”
Robin, coming out of hiding: “Four against two, Batman!”
Batman: “Robin!”
Robin: “I couldn’t resist. You were taken in by her, but I’m too young for that sort of thing.”

Robin: “Gosh, that’s some ergo, Batman.”

Batman, pointing: “What’s that?”
Robin: “I guess I’m tired, but it looks like alphabet soup!”

Robin: “I never knew there were no punctuation marks in alphabet soup!”

Robin to Black Widow: “You she-devil! Have you short-circuited Batman’s brain?”

Bruce: “I don’t know how you constructed this playroom as a surprise without us knowing about it, Aunt Harriet.”
Dick: “Or this slot car raceway. It’s the coolest, Aunt Harriet!”

Robin: “I’ll take the emergency bat-tunnel. It comes out on Highway One and I can catch a bus to Gotham City.”

Robin: “I’d sooner see the Russians in the Hexagon than Penguin!”

Batman: “We’ll go out the window and down the batropes. Otherwise we’ll be mobbed.”
O’Hara: “Mobbed? In Police Headquarters?”
Robin: “The flower children think we’re cool, man. Like, we turn ’em on, you know.”

Batman: “Shall we, Robin?”
Robin: “Let’s, Batman.”

Dick, getting on Batpole: “What happened to the signs, Bruce?”
Bruce: “Alfred removed them to put a new coat of paint on the Batpoles.”
Dick: “Good ol’ Alfred.”

Bruce, after giving Dick his first car: “Remember, this isn’t the Batmobile.”
Dick: “Don’t worry, Bruce. Highway safety is every citizen’s prime responsibility.”

Batman: “One blast of cool air kills these blooming cannibals far quicker than they can devour any human repast.”
Robin: “Gosh yes!”

Robin: “Beach bums. We should have worn our baggies.”

Robin: “You know I wouldn’t fight a female, even a small army of females!”

Alfred: “Thank heavens, master Robin. I despaired of ever seeing you again.”
Robin: “The despair was mutual, Alfred.”

Batman: “Don’t forget to drive on the left, not the right.”
Robin: “I won’t, Batman. I learned that when we got our international driver’s licenses!”

Alfred: “Master Robin! I just heard you were dead.”
Robin: “You heard wrong. Uh, wrongly.”

Robin: “Pip-pip, chin-chin, and toodlio.”

Robin, outside a women’s changing room: “We can’t step into that most hallowed and forbidden no-man’s land without closing our eyes.”

Dick, reading in the library: “Gosh, Bruce. That Genghis Khan was quite a guy.”

Batgirl: “He’s so authoritative. So confident.”
Robin: “The more you work with Batman, the more amazing he seems.”

Dick: “Gosh, Bruce, those muskrats and muskdeer sure are musky.”

Robin: “It’ll be a cold day in August when we’re scared of you, Riddler!”

Batman: “Nice listening, Robin.”
Robin: “Awww, gee, it was nothing, Batman.”

Robin: “We give crooks no quarter, but we always deal with them fairly, too!”

Robin: “Awww, come on, you crook. You can’t be all bad!”

Robin, looking at a book: “Gosh, could it concern us?”
Batman: “It certainly could. Look at that title.”
Robin: “The Truth About Bats.”

Aunt Harriet: “Now you march yourself straight over to that piano, young man!”
Dick: “Golly G minor, Bruce, do I have to?”

Dick: “Wise up, you guys, life isn’t this easy!”
Suzy: “Well, that’s easy for you to say, you’re the ward of that rich millionaire!”
Dick: “That has nothing to do with it!”

Dick Grayson (in disguise as a ‘bad-boy’, about Bruce Wayne): “What a skin-flint! If I didn’t swipe dimes from the butler I wouldn’t even have cigarette money.”

Robin: “Holy New Year’s Eve, he has me in his famous trick streamers!”

Cheerleader Suzy: “Gee, imagine being taken to jail by a chauffer.”
Bruce: “The Wayne Foundation for Delinquent Girls is hardly a jail, Suzy.”
Dick: “Heck no, there are teams and clubs and everything.”

Robin: “No clues here, Batman. No secret writing. It’s just what it looks like – a perfectly ordinary asbestos book cover.”

Robin (to Batman, when facing Bookworm’s henchmen): “Six of them, two of us. The odds are in our favour.”

Batman: “Smells like soup.”
Robin: “Darn good soup.”

Lisa (to Batman, handing him a card): “Excuse me, the kidnapper dropped this as he was leaving. Perhaps it might be of some help?”
Robin: “Clues are always helpful.”

Batman: “Put your flippers up, Penquin!”
Robin: “We caught you with your feathers down!”

Batman (looking at map, attempting to determine of secret entrance to hideout): “If my trigonometry is correct, it should emerge right here.”
Robin: “I’ll never neglect my math again.”

Batman (untying Robin from torture device): “Robin, are you all right?”
Robin: “Just a little sore, Batman, that’s all.”
Batman: “Well, one of Aunt Harriet’s good, nourishing meals will set everything right.”
Robin: “I sure worked up an appetite.”

Robin: “Alred, if ever we had need of our brain power, it’s now.”

Alfred: “Should we not have informed the police and requested their aid?”
Robin: “I didn’t dare chance it. They’re great guys, Alfred, but they can be a little heavy-handed too.”

Robin: “I bet Batman is the only one in the world with a hand steady enough to paint false fingerprints.”

Alfred (dressed up as Batman): “I pray our deception succeeds, Master Robin.”
Robin: “Just puff out your chest and look virile, Alfred.”

Robin: “Is there anything lower than a lawyer who mocks the law? Or an artist who takes up crime?”

Now, we can’t let Robin have all the fun without mentioning the Dark Knight and his comrades now do we? 

Reporter: What about the exploding shark?
Batman: That was an unfortunate animal who chanced to swallow a floating mine.
Batman: Confoudit, the batteries are dead.
Robin: Gosh Batman, the nobility of the almost-human porpoise.
Batman: True, it was noble of that animal to hurl himself into the path of that final torpedo. He gave his life for ours.
Batman(reading one of riddler’s riddles): What has yellow skin and writes?
Robin: A ballpoint banana.
Batman: Of course.
Alfred: Bless my dustpan!
Bruce Wayne: This nasty soup we’re in is largely of my own brewing.
Penguin: DE-lightful!
Riddler: DE-hydrated!
Batman: Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.
Commissioner: Penguin, Joker, Riddler… and Catwoman too! The sum of the angles of that rectangle is too monstrous to contemplate!
Robin: Holy Halucination!
Batman: I wish it were Robin, but it’s not, it’s 5 dehydrated pirates… rehydrated!
Robin: Anti-matter, you mean they won’t be coming back?
Penguin: Happy happenstance!
A Sign: Foam Rubber Wholesalers Convention
Robin: And turn off the ventilation system.
Batman: Robin is right, the whole security council may have been dehydrated.
Action Sound Titles(as pirate plunges into ocean): Ker-Sploosh!
Batman: Let’s go, but… inconspicuously… through the window.
Riddler: We shall spring them from The Joker’s Jack-In-The-Box, through that window, out over the sea, and into the waiting arms of The Penguin’s Exploding Octopus!
Admiral: We haven’t done anything foolish, have we?
Batman: Disposing of pre-atomic submarines to persons who don’t even leave their full addresses? Good day, Admiral!
Batman: Yet, an exploding shark WAS pulling my leg…
Commissioner: The Joker!
Batman: Pretty FISHY what happened to me on that ladder…
Commissioner: You mean where there’s a fish there could be a penguin?

There’s more where that came from, but then I’ll have to post a very long blog for these. Heck, it might even bore you to death. 

I’ll spare you the agony of reading a very long list of quotes. So, if you happened to be a fan of these quotes, do yourself a favor and browse the net and search for those other quotes.

What will happened to the dynamic duo? Will this be the end of the caped crusaders? Will this blog site reveal the true nature of their evil personality? Will Robin finally reveal his deepest desires for our favorite dark knight? Tune in next time….same blog time…..same blog channel….


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10 Responses to “Holy Blogsite! It’s the Robin Express!!”

  1. Holy smoke its the pope? hahahahahahahha holy moley!!! aw kay capt marvel man diay to hehehehehe

  2. Holy hard-on! It’s the cat woman!

  3. holy interwebs! I can literally find anything online! Here I am, thinking of a Robin-like response to an email, wonder, “what are some Robin “holy” quotes,” Google, and find some fool has actually taken the time to compile them! Hahaha!!

    thanks for the post, twas a fun read

  4. One I remember from the cartoon version is, “Holy whiskers, Batman! That was a close shave!”

  5. Holy strawberries Batman! We’re in a jam!

    This blog just totally made my day, I love Robin! He’s my favorite 🙂 Love your other posts to. ^_^

    • Ei there Morticia, thanks for taking time to read my blogs. Same here, I’m a Batman and Robin fan as well hehe Thanks a lot! 🙂


  7. Holy Freeze Ray in a frying pan Batman, The turkey is escaping the oven.

  8. Nicely Done. Robin Quotes are awesome 🙂

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