You’ll know if Steven Seagal enjoys kicking asses when….

1. He’ll give you that semi sarcastic smirk, before unleashing his devastating-bonecrushing moves on ya. 
2. He’ll ask you some questions, and before you answer them, he already has those answers for ya: Bones breaking!
3. He’ll stare you straight in the eye and then ask you to tell your boss that he’s looking for him. Then? Bones breaking!
4. He’ll stare you straight in the eye. Notice that his eyebrows come together in his forehead? That’s the pure sign of armageddon. Advice? Run faster!
5. He’ll tie his hair in ponytail fashion. The guy likes his hair tied. It makes him more macho.  Another hint to get the hell away from him as fast as you can.
6. He’ll start asking you questions and if you’re giving him those run around of an answer? Better make sure you have insurance dude!
7. He’ll sit down on a chair, telling you that he’s unarmed by placing his gun on the table. If you think you got him surrounded with your merry henchmen? See your dentist the next day.
8. He’ll look at your merry men of friends. I’m guessing he’s counting how many teeths these people might lose today.
9. He’ll look around for any more of your merry friends so he can have a decent workout. He wanted to jog today. But seeing your merry friends gave him a nasty appetite for teeths.
10. He’ll give you that sadistic smile of his. That my friends, is Steven’s version of an angel of death look. See you in the afterlife!


~ by roadworthyman on June 17, 2008.

One Response to “You’ll know if Steven Seagal enjoys kicking asses when….”

  1. love steven seagal. he is the reason why i enrolled Aikido before.hehehe..

    pyter au ug kamot.hehehe…

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