The reunion that I’m looking forward to….

No, it aint a family reunion. Rather, its the reunion of my former bands “Black Coffee Sundae” and “Persona Non Grata” this coming August 2, 2009 at (where else?) The Outpost. I have never been this excited and at the same time tired as well from organizing this event. Basically, I’m doing most of the legwork(major assist on the poster done by future “Mrs. Quijano” Roda thankyouverymuch! ) and coordinating with the venue and the bands on this gig. Roger (Persona Non Grata) and Cocoy (Black Coffee Sundae) have been coordinating with me as well. Thanks to the technology of Yahoo Messenger, we did just that. Whew! Gotta get back to work. I’ll post more details as I finalized everything.

For now, just a short background of my former bands for those who are puzzled as to who they are:

Black Coffee Sundae – Led by Enrico “Cocoy” Reyes on lead vocals and guitars, Benjamin “Jam” Quijano on lead guitars and vocals, Garret “Chimo” Pesodas on bass and vocals, and lastly Jericho “Jerc” Limosnero on keyboards. This band formed way back during our collage years at our former school. It started with us four, and Jerc eventually joined the band afterwards. We played alternative, rock, pop, bubble gum pop music. We wrote some materials hoping to turn them into a debut album. Sadly, we broke up in the early part of 2000. Since then, all of us went our separate ways. Cocoy went to the Middle East to work there. Jerc got married. Jam was with the bands; Cattski and Persona Non Grata for a while, but then quit and is now working in a callcenter. He currently plays for Black Waters. Garret on the other hand, ended up as a bassplayer for Persona Non Grata and Serendipity. Currently, he plays for Kage and has a dayjob.

Persona Non Grata – Led by Roger Looney on vocals, Anthony “Jaan” Quijano on lead guitars and vocals, Jam Quijano on rhythm guitars, and Garret Pesodas on bass. This band was formed after the demise of Black Coffee Sundae. Our genres consists of classic rock and alternative.  We managed to write and record one song in the studio called “Find a Way” and a Rolling Stones cover ” Paint it Black.”

Later on, Jam Quijano and Garret Pesodas both left the band to focus on their respective bands (Cattski and Serendipity). The band shouldered on and enlisted Christopher “Popoy” Calumba to play bass for the band. The band then started writing songs and managed to record some of it at Phoenix Glide Studios with recording engineer Galen Salvadore at the controls. We recorded “Four Bad Days,” “She’s so Far away,” and “Red Horse.” Then, in the middle of 2002, the band decided to call it quits, citing Roger’s new job position in another place, and Jaan’s decision to quit the band.  Roger is currently the director of a company in China. Jaan currently plays with Kage and Postmortem, and works as a technical trainer at a callcenter. Popoy currently plays with Space Radio and Sinister 6. He has a dayjob as well.


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