As the countdown begins…..

Last week has been a very busy week for me. Hey, who’s complaining right? Well, for starters, Cocoy arrived last week on a beautiful Tuesday night. We started rehearsing with Black Coffee Sundae on Wednesday, and I must say, our rehearsals were a bit productive. Although, some polishing here and there, but nevertheless, we enjoyed revisiting some of our the songs that we used to play 10 years ago(Yup, that long!)

Anyway, last Monday night, I rehearsed with my other bands Kage and Persona Non Grata as well. Then, last night, Black Coffee Sundae was in the studio recording some of our original materials for possible souvenir or maybe radio airplay(I’m hoping to send one to any of the radio stations). We recorded the drums, bass, and keyboard tracks for “World in your hands,”  and “Daydream.” Cocoy did some vocal tracks on both songs, but he wasn’t really happy with the demos, so he might try to re-record the vocal tracks on Thursday (That’s tomorrow night!)

 The two other songs “Earth Angel,” and “Worth” will be recorded next week. We are hoping to have everything down on tape, that way, we’ll be able to mix the songs before Cocoy leaves on Aug 21.

Tonight, I’ll be rehearsing with BCS and Pandora for Saturday’s event. Hopefully, everything is good to go on Saturday.

By the way, this coming Friday (August 1) BCS and Pandora will drop by at Monster Radio BT 105.9 to do some plugging on the upcoming gig on Saturday and possibly do 3 to 4 songs as well. The show will start at 10pm with BCS doing the honors of opening the show, followed by Pandora at 1030pm.

Hope you guys will tune in as well. Whew!

~ by roadworthyman on July 30, 2008.

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