A long delayed post, better late than never right?

(Disclaimer: These were some of the highlights that happened two months ago. So, forgive me for being soooo lazy about posting my thoughts about the event. What can I say? Workmode overdrive is my best excuse!)

Okay, I’m trying to gather my remaining thoughts about the whole event that happened last Aug 2, 2008 at the Outpost. For those who can’t recall what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the Saturday Night Fever event, which also coincides with the one night reunion of both my former bands; Black Coffee Sundae and Persona Non Grata.

Now, I’ll try my best to remember those highlights as I can and feel free to dissect or spank me if I missed out on some other details as well.

Aug 1 – Black Coffee Sundae and Pandora went live over Monster Radio BT 105.9 to promote the event. Joe Phoenix, resident DJ, and Pandora’s manager was on board to welcome both bands on air. BCS( Black Coffee Sundae) rendered three songs and were interviewed by Joe. After BCS, Pandora rendered three songs as well and were interviewed to promote the event.

Aug 2 (Event day!) – The show kicked off with glam/metal band “Black Waters” doing the honors of opening the event and getting the party started. After their set, The boys and gal of Pandora came next. We managed to get the audience to sing along to some of their songs as well as playing our original song “Empty” which has a danceable feel to it. On a side note, Pandora frontwoman Dhee Evangelista managed to keep the audience mesmerized with her singing prowess. Third band on the bill, Kage with frontman Junie Alejandro on the mic, took center stage and dished out classic alternative songs from the 90’s. 

 Around this time, more people were piling up inside Outpost and were having a hard time finding chairs or tables to sit down. Next up, new wave/classic band Purple Helmets took over after Kage, giving us a dose of them classics and some New Wave music here and there. Surprisingly, it turned out that the helmets have enlisted the guitar virtuoso skills of former Sinister 6 guitarist Carlo Borromeo to fill the guitarist void.

After the helmets, Persona Non Grata rocked the house down with our nifty covers of classic rock bands like Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones,and other classics. We also played some of our originals like “Find a Way,” “Four Bad Days,”and “Redhorse Beer.”

Lastly, as people were really in the mood to party, Black Coffee Sundae came on stage. With frontman Cocoy Reyes, giving a few spiels before launching on to our first song. People started piling up near the stage. They were dancing to the songs, while partying at the same time. In between songs, the crowd kept requesting songs from BCS’s repetoire, to which the band gladly oblige with much gusto. During the middle of our set, we stood up, and started exchanging instruments. Jam played the drums, Jerc manned the bass, me on guitars, Cocoy on keys, and PBX’s resident motormouth and gamefreak Garret doing the honors of singing. This is our way of mocking ourselves for trying to learn other instruments.

 We used to do this back in the day, when we were still playing. I know, we looked silly and ridiculous, but hey it’s what we do to make fun of ourselves.  Finally, we ended our set with people still clamoring for more.

Now, as I’m writing this in my workstation, I can’t help but smile about it. The energy and excitement that people brought to make the band feel welcome again is something I will never forget. All the preparations for that event paid off too.

 Cocoy and Roger thanked me for setting up the whole turkey roast. Well, as much as I want to take credit for the whole thing but this wouldn’t be possible if not for these people: Mrs. Roda May Quijano for the nifty poster concept!Thanx cuz! The Outpost, especially Sir Junx, Sir Randy and Sandy. The bands: Black Waters, Pandora, Kage, Purple Helmets, Persona Non Grata, and Black Coffee Sundae for the support and the commitment. My dad, who inspired me to pull through despite what I’ve been through with his passing. My bandmates, friends who were there, the whole PBX’ers gang for showing up at the event. And lastly, God for making that night something to remember by. Let’s hope the next reunion two years from now will be more grand and kick ass!

* Check out Youtube for some of the videos. Just type: Black Coffee Sundae.

* Also, try to check out our myspace account since we uploaded some of the demos online: www.myspace.com/blackcoffeesundae

~ by roadworthyman on October 10, 2008.

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