These shredmeisters that your momma should be talking about..

Since I don’t have any particular topics in mind and seeing I’m kinda bored with what I’m currently doing. Let me write something that pertains to what I usually do as my other alter ego.

Now, I’m not doing any “rating” or something to that extent. I just felt that these individuals deserved to be recognized for their contributions to the local scene one way or another.

So here are some of my fave guitar players in the Queen city of the South. 
(Note: In no particular order)

Anthony James Quijano (Kage/Johnnie/Cattski) – This guy truly rocks in my book! And it’s not because he happens to be my bandmate, but the fact that the guy has the feel, a well-rounded musician, and good listening ear. His “so-fast-so-young” killer shreds made people take notice of his work.  He has the aura of a “guitar god.” Well,  he’s not gonna like this title, but to me he may very in fact claim that title. 

Carlo Borromeo (Former Sinister 6/Purple Helmets/Space Radio)  – This guy has the epitome of being an underrated guitar player here in Cebu. Sure, he has traded his almighty axe for a corporate job at this famous hotel before, but this “small fry” can still kick serious buttocks and were not talking kicking your behinds. No, were talking about kicking them down with the blues. The guy used to shred his axe years ago to the likes of Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, etc. Years later, he started laying some serious ass kicking geetar blues. Nowadays, you can still spot this fellow sometimes playing with New Wave band “Purple Helmets” and his newly formed instrumental band “Space Radio.”

Gavin Aninon (Former Asphalt Geeks) – Now, here’s a double-talking, curly-looking, makings of a lawyer guitarist. “The Law of Guitar” as fondly called by a close friend of mine, Gaving exceeds my expectations one way or another. He plays the axe like he moves the mountains with his awesome might of a shred. He seems retired from the axe scene, but make no mistake. When the time comes, this “law of guitar” will once again walk the face of the earth with his almighty axe.

Mako Vano – (PG -18) – The madman of axe. I had the distinct pleasure of playing alongside this madman. The guy displays the technical skills rival to that of Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello. What amazes me about him is the fact that he experiments a lot with the axe. Using whatever gadgets he could find ranging from your ordinary household item(yup he is that crazy!) to cellphones. Recently, I haven’t seen this madman play the axe except the fact that I see him in other places holding a beer bottle and basically talking about everything under the sun. (or is it the moon?!) I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of this guy that’s for sure!

Manny Amador (The Breed/ MNX) – Now here’s one crazy son-of-a-b@#$, who shreds and bites those damn strings into kingdom come. Manny, is without a  doubt a living proof that rock and roll will never die. This fella started way back in the 80’s (During those times, New Wave was the shiznitz mind you!) playing classic rock with his comrades from his former band “The Breed.” I am a huge fan of his former band, and imagine my delight when he appeared in our city. I have jammed with this fella couple of times, and would always ended up with some impromtu jams here and there.

Paul “Poldo” Canada (Frank/Zzubu/Cattski/CDMC/UNO/SATI) – The godfather of ecpats! Those who were lucky enough to have jammed with this dude would agree that Paul is one walking orgasmic testicular fortitude of shreds. Paul has the distinct guitar sound rival to that of Angus Young, and when you’re in the same room as him, better make sure to bring along some ear plugs. Don’t get me wrong, the guy rules on the axe as well. But, the volume on his guitar would probably remind you of a sonic boom coming from street fighter’s Guile intense power.

James Micheal “Jimik” Sacro (former Chained/Cattski) – The dude rocks as far as new bloods are concerned. Although, he’s way past that “new blood” tagline, still this guy knows how to shred them f@#kng riffs here and there. I had the pleasure of being his bandmate for a time,and I’m quite amazed on how professional he is when playing the gEE-TAR during gigs. It’s only a matter of time before this dude will start making a name for himself as a shredmeister.

Jon “Metal God” Vistal (Postmortem) – What can I say about this dude? Four words: “Metal up your Ass!” This guy has been around the local rock scene since the days back when metal was said to be dead. Yeah right! This guy never gave up on unleashing those fast soloing shreds which reminds you of Slayer’s Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman comebined. Overall, this guy’s heart beats that of a lion. I applaud him for sticking to his metal roots. 
Lorenz “Idol” Ostrea (Pandora) – Now, this guy is what me and my bandmate Johnus would say “The idol of idols” mainly because the guy knows when to get out of tough situations with his”explanations” when it comes to *ahem* nevermind ehehehe. Well, aside from maintaining that cool some kind of composure look when playing live, Lorenz displays his passion on the guitars like there’s no tomorrow. The dude is “sometimes” serious with his craft. But, to give credit to him, he has the heart to really get things going especially when writing our songs and playing live as well. One thing though: Getting him drunk is out of the question!

So, enough of my rants, I’m getting back to work. Oh, just so you guys don’t know, Cebu Guitar Festival is once again upon us. Yup, it’s going to be held next month at The Outpost. I’ll be playing with some of the guitarists that I mentioned above. I’ll rant more about it on my next blog. 

For more info about the Cebu Guitar Festival check out :

~ by roadworthyman on October 13, 2008.

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