One Sweet and Gruelling November

On my last blog I posted a teaser poster about the Cebu Guitar Festival happening on November 27 to 30 at (where else?!) The Outpost. Basically, the whole concept of the event is to showcase some of Cebu’s finest guitarist that this world has to offer. In other words: “The Guitar Gods have cometh upon us!.”

I’m pretty much excited about the whole thing since I’m playing with some of Cebu’s legendary guitarists and some new bloods in between. Yup, yours truly is proud and excited to be a part of this very humble and prestigious event.

Lately, I have been learning some of their covers and some originals by listening to it almost everyday at work. I must say I have my hands full on this whole enchilada thingy. But, I take it as a challenge and at the same time a new learning experience for me and for the rest of the guys I’m going to jam with.  

November will be a very busy and gruelling month for me. I have to learn the other covers from the other guitarists and some of them are really over the top “odd time- mid tempos-slam-bam-thankyoumam” tunes.

Good thing, there are some of those bluesy, jazz type of songs that I can sink my teeth into as well.  

Anyways, these are the guitarists that I will have the pleasure and honor to play on that event.

Jaan Quijano – Kage

Carlo Borromeo – Purple Helmets/Space Radio

Jon Vistal – Postmortem

Dave Gonzales – Stallions of the Burning Church

Maki Vano – Former PG-18

Lorenz Ostrea – Pandora

And last but not the least, Ian Zafra ( Yup, him of SATI fame)

As for what covers or songs that these guys might be playing? I’ll get back to you on that….wouldn’t want to ruin their moment if you catch my drift…hehehe

For now….that’s all folks!

~ by roadworthyman on November 7, 2008.

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