Surprising Monday!

 My work day started as not a good productive day for me, so I googled one of my former band’s name straight out of boredom.

Surprisingly, one of the results generated a link from the Youtube website about our “video” that we made three years ago. (Yup, that long. Too bad, they never gave it to MTV or Myx for lack of motivation I suppose)

 Apparently, someone has gotten hold of our video and decided to upload it for his own entertainment sake. (Not that I’m complaining about it, mind you) 

Curious, I decided to click on the link and sure enough, it was the exact mtv video that I did for my former band “Zzubu” three years ago. We shot this video along with another video in Manila at a house in Marikina. Here are some of the semi highlights during our mtv shoot.

Day 1: The Thrilla in Manila

Since, this was a first mtv experience for me, I was really excited about the whole concept and all. We took an early flight from Cebu to Manila, touching down 45 minutes later at Ninoy International Airport. Pauldo was our designated “tour guide” since Jun’s driver wasn’t around to pick us up. We boarded a cab and went to Ortigas where we stayed at Jun’s (Jun Rivera or Janra) condo . I was also told that most of the callcenter buildings were located around the neighborhood.

 No wonder we saw lots of tall buildings and people with their ID’s walking around possibly to grabe some munchies.  

After a late somewhat lunch, Jun told the rest of the band that we will be meeting the director for both of the videos at a place near the condo.

The director (His name is Genghis by the way) was a professional and cool guy. We met him at a gas station somewhere in Ortigas.

During the exchange of pleasantries, he mentioned that he has heard about me through a certain individual that he was coincidentally trying to land a deal to direct that dude’s video as well. (The individual’s name is Dale Ibay, who I happened to sessioned with a few years back when he was here in Cebu to promote his album.)

Before we did the mtv shoot with Genghis, we decided to hang out and party. We were drinking beers like there’s no tomorrow to get our vibes going with each other’s company. Genghis was with us while we were shopping around for our clothes for the video. ( Nope, he didn’t pay for the clothes. Our very esteemed bandmate Jun did the honors) Also, we had to meet and choose some of the models for both videos. ( Yup, what’s a video without them model girls to play some parts right?)

Day 2: The long drunken videos

During the shoot, Genghis was kind enough to ask the band for our ideas about the whole thing. He would bark orders from his crew on what to do and where to aim the cameras. We played our parts well like a pro. Considering that each of us were getting drunk by the minute, since there were cases of beer lying around for us to indulge ourselves into.

We shot the first video which was “Nalumay, Nagayuma” with us just sitting around and drinking(what else!) alcohol. Afterwards, we shot another angle where we were jamming outside of the house, with those two girls dancing along with Jun. (You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video)

Then, after the first video we had to change our clothes to shoot the second video which was “Sabihin.”

To make this long boring rant short, we ended up finishing the two videos at the wee hours of the morning.

Anyway, for those curious about the video here’s the link :

* I’m the guy in the freaking rocking chair holding a wine glass for those of you trying to look for me.

* On a sidenote: For those Wolfgang fanatics out there!  Wolfgang will be here in Cebu next month to promote their new album “Villains.” They will be joined by Razorback and Cebu’s very own Powerspoons. The gig will be on December 12, 2008. Venue to be announced later.

~ by roadworthyman on November 10, 2008.

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