Some kind of rants….

Man oh man, I’ve never been so busy with rehearsals here and there for the past weeks. Yeah, I’m currently rehearsing with some of the guitar players for the upcoming Cebu Guitar Festival happening this month. (See the teaser poster on my previous posts)

So far, I’ve managed to rehearsed with 4 out of 7 guitar players for the event. The rest of the guys I’ll be rehearsing this week. Whew!

Again, I am not complaining, though its taking up most of my free time, but heck! This is guitar fest mon! This doesn’t happen everyday you know.

I am quite excited with the gig. Not only do I get to play with other respected and talented musicians on those days, but I get to learn new things from each of them.

Yup, the learning doesn’t stop there boys and girls. Music does evolve almost everyday same with computers.

Well, enough rants. Gotta get back to work. I’ll be posting more and more details next time as long as I ain’t lazy to do so…well you know what I mean….

~ by roadworthyman on November 17, 2008.

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