While my”guitar” gently ticks….

Well, haven’t written anything this week, since work deadlines has kept me from ever accessing my “oh-so-trusty-personal-blogsite.”

The Cebu Guitar Festival event is pretty much ready. I’m guessing the promoters, production crew, and other head honchos behind the event have their hands full this week.  The clock is ticking Ladies and Gents!

Everyone is excited and nervous for what is to come this weekend.  All the guitarists that I’m playing with, have expressed their readiness, thoughts, and somewhat jittery vibes on playing this event. I couldn’t blame them. After all, this is their night right?

Last week, I have been rehearsing here and there, learning the covers and getting the right arrangements to the point of nailing some of it at long last.

This week, we’ll be having our final rehearsals, so I’m hoping things are pretty much good to go. 

I know I am excited to be a part of this event and I’m up for surprises as well.

Anyway, here are my gig skeds for the Cebu Guitar Festival:

November 28 (Friday) – Carlo Borromeo

November 29 (Saturday) – Dave Gonzales, Jon Vistal, Maki Vano, Jaan Quijano, and Ian Zafra.

As for the time, I really don’t have any info about it(You might want to check out: www.cebuguitarfest.multiply.com for more details on that).

All I can say is, be there early so you guys can grab better seats.

There you go folks, enough of the blabber. I’ll you see all this Friday and Saturday, at where else? The Outpost! Behold, the shredmeisters are upon us once again……


~ by roadworthyman on November 26, 2008.

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