Cebu Geetar Fest ’08 rants…Part 1

Whew! I’m back in the inner confines of my worky dusty station after that long vacation.

My arms and some parts of my body still ached from the hard gruelling rehearsals last week and then the gigs on both nights. What am I talking about? The Cebu Guitar Festival that is!

Yup, I had so much fun on that event. Lots of people were there to support fellow guitarists and musicians here in Cebu and some guests from Manila.

So, I’ll write(or is it rant?) some of the details that happened last Friday and Saturday:

Day 1

November 28 – I was there a bit late, so I didn’t quite see some of the early players that started the show. I noticed there were so many people milling around the stage enjoying the sets.

I managed to catch Lorenz’s set on stage and they managed to chugged out some instrumental inspired groove music from the likes of Jeff Coleman and Edgar Winters Group.

Another surprise on Lorenz’s set was having his bandmate, Dhee sing a rocking rendition of The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter.”

Watching other guitarists sets afterwards was an aspiring moment for yours truly.
It made me realized how I really missed playing the guitar years ago.(For those who do not know, I took guitar lessons when I was still a kid with my uncle John2 Castaneda!)

I guess my destiny was never an Eddie Van Halen clone, but rather an Alex Van Halen follower.

Finally, taking center stage with Carlo Borromeo, I was prepared for a rocking good time along with our esteemed bassist Popoy Calumba.

We played 3 originals inspired by Meditteranean-Middle Eastern music, to funk groovy type capping off the night with a touch of blues.

By the stroke of midnight, as I was enjoying and partaking on my alcoholic bliss, Garret Pesodas, Manny Amador’s bassist for the night, suddenly came up to me and said I’ll be playing with them, since their drummer Ian couldn’t make it in time for their final set.

I didn’t know their setlist, better yet even rehearsed with these guys! But thankfully, their set composed of Jimi Hendrix which I am familiar after all. We started with “All along the Watch Tower,” with Manny ripping shreds here and there.

Now, as tipsy as I was that time, I had to keep looking at Manny’s sudden behavior moves for cues. Garret was looking at me the whole time for cues as well. After ‘Watch Tower, we went straight to “Hey Joe” and “Voodoo Child.”

We ended our set with Neil Young‘s “Rocking on a Free World” with Kaye, Henry, and Anot of 40 The Band jamming along.

Needless to say, I was soooo tired after the gig. I hurriedly went to the bar inside and grabbed one brewskis. Nothing like a good alcohol to wash down one’s parched throat afterwards.

Manny came over and told me I did a great job subbing in for Ian.

I laughed and told him that’s because I’m drunk. My apparent best excuse- plain and simple.

He just laughed it all off and went about his own way.

Then, I started thinking about the next night and made me smile with the thought of playing a very long set….. TO BE CONTINUED…


* Here’s one of Manny’s performances at the Cebu Guitar Festival 2008 last Friday night:

Here’s Carlo Borromeo’s performance:

~ by roadworthyman on December 2, 2008.

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