Cebu Geetar Fest ‘08 rants…Part 2

Part 2: The Second Night

November 29 – We did some last minute rehearsals with Ian Zafra during the afternoon. After rehearsals, I went straight to The Outpost, since I heard that legendary jazz guitarist Tito Quijano was conducting a guitar clinic.

I arrived there just in time while Tito was playing with his guitar, being accompanied by his nephew who did the honors of playing rhythm guitar.

I listened to how Tito would explain the fundamentals of playing jazz. He would mention all the basic chords on the guitar, the theories involved in creating such exquisite notes and the likes. There were questions from the audience and Tito would answer each of them using his guitar to emphasized some of his theories.

I had a grand time watching him play during that afternoon.

By 6:00pm, I went home to change, eat dinner and to grab some dry shirts.

Arriving at the venue again, I looked at the surroundings which was already full of people milling around here and there. The tables were completely full. I saw some of my friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. They were there to give their all out support to the bands I’m playing along with that night.

God, I thought to myself, this could be one hell of a night.

I quitely placed my things somewhere safe, and started chatting with some of my friends in the music industry. I mingled around with the guys from Stallions of the Burning Church(Dave Gonzales’band).

After a while, Jay Young came over and told me that we were up next with Ian’s set. I quickly excused myself with the boys from ‘Stallions to get myself ready for the set.

We went near the stage awaiting for our turn. Sam Codilla and Lyod Escario were on stage playing. They really rocked their set.

Ian’s setlist consisted of an instrumental called “Sleepwalkers,” A jazzy version of The Beatles’ “All my loving,” with Ian’s gf  Sam singing, and of course, Bisoy of Sheila and the Insects jamming along with  “Quick to Panic.”

I can pretty much say, we did a good job with Ian’s setlist. We ended our set with all of us smiling about it afterwards.

After a few more bands, I went near the stage to catch Jimik Sacro playing Extreme’s “Hip Today,” and then my all time favorite; Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” with bratha Junie Alejandro of Kage doing the honors of unleashing his “onslaught walk-warrior look-fierce looking-vocal angst.”

Bratha Junie woke the crowd up and managed to get them to jam infront of the stage, as we were all screaming in unison to the chorus part of ‘Puppets.

After Jimik’s set ended, I quickly went up the stage to setup my gear. Dave of Stallions was already on stage ready to go and rip ass. We started our set with two Paul Gilbert instrumentals.

Jon Vistal of Postmortem followed Dave’s set, and we quickly launched into Steve Vai’s Crying Machine and followed by Jon’s original instrumental song called “Marching with my Enemies,” with Jaan Quijano on second lead guitar.

Jaan then followed after Jon’s set, and we went directly to a slow tempo song which he dedicated to his beloved wife. Afterwards, Junnel Codilla of Cattski/Sparc7/Anino lend his drumming skills to another of Jaan’s medley type songs in the middle of his set. They played really tight that I can tell you!

Last but not the least, Maki Vano took center stage. The dude did some solos and after Maki gave me the cue, we launched right into one of Joe Satriani’s song called “Love Thing.”

All of us who played during that time had to admit afterwards that this song was one of the highlights of the night.

This is a well-written instrumental piece and I for one, almost got teary-eyed during “Love Thing” thinking about my father the whole time, while we were playing this song.

You see, my late father sent me Satriani’s “Crystal Planet” cd back in 1997 and told me to listen to this album. He was so into Joe’s music ever since then. He’d made me listen to every Joe Satriani album that ever came out. (I still have that cd along with the rest of his Joe Satriani cds and tapes)

So, to play this song means a whole lot to me. I hope he is happy and rocking proud on what we did that night.

Maki’s final song was “Crystal Planet,” again by Joe Sat. Its an upbeat tempo instrumental with lots of dynamics in between arrangements. We ended the night with people clarmoring for more of the “G5” guitar players.

I went backstage and people were giving their praises on the guitarists and their sets. There were people who came up to me and told me how fantastic our setlists were. I told them it was weeks of rehearsing and trying to nail the right arrangements, that made those guitarist really tight that night.

It didn’t take me long to grab another bottle of brewskis, and together with some of the guitarists I played along with, we toasted for a job well done.

I smiled, knowing that the night turned out to be a very rad one indeed. As I was gulping down my last bottle of beer, Sir Winston Velez (The Drum God or Lord is it?) came up to me and told me that they are organizing a Drum Fest next year. He told me to prepare since I’ll be joining the said event. That got me really excited and anxious for the planned fest.

I told him I really felt honored to be included on the fest. Then a thought hit me in a flash; I don’t know what instrumental to play or better yet who my back up band are.

Oh well, I’ll think of something..for now…I’m giving myself some time off from rehearsals and having a serious downtime …*hick* *burp*

* Here are some of of the videos from Cebu Guitar Festival 2008.

Jon Vistal (Postmortem) – “Marching with my Enemies”

Maki Vano (Former PG-18) – “Love Thing”

Jaan Quijano (Kage)


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