A Night in OPM History

030709 |MOA| 8pm

Last year’s reunion concert of the ‘heads ended with just 15 songs due to Ely being rushed to the hospital after their first set. The news was, he collapsed from exhaustion due to stress and his mother’s death a day before the concert. Thus, ending their setlist a wee bit earlier than planned.

I said to myself, if ever they decide to even continue their aborted concert somehow and in some way, I’ll try to be there to watch it this time around.

True to my word.. I did just that.

When the ‘Heads announced earlier this year about their plans for a final set, I literally jumped into it and decided to make plans on seeing them for the last time. (Of course, it took some constant persuasions by my former bandmate Lorenz Ostrea, that I finally gave in and purchased both concert and plane tickets for the much awaited concert at MOA)

Here’s my so-called blabber about my whole EE or “Eheads Experience” last March 7 2009.

Day 1: Saturday

We (Me and Lorenz) left Cebu at 3:15pm on board Philippine Airlines, which I must say, are always or should I say, on time on their flights. (*At least, that’s what Lorenz would always babble about during our trip.)

After touching down at the NAIA Terminal 55 minutes later, my good friend and drinking buddy Toto Ponce met us at the terminal. He graciously drove us around town to find my uncle’s house, since that’s where me and Lorenz will be staying for the night.

(*Earlier this month, I texted Toto for help in meeting us at the terminal and my uncle John-John Castaneda for a place to crash for the night. Thank God, both guys were gracious enough to offer their hospitality.)

Anyway, it took us a long time to find my uncle’s house since Toto told me that BF Homes, Paranaque is like one huge freakin area, with various subdivisions and all. Great! Just our luck.

Finally, we located the exact house and just in time, my uncle arrived from his swimming activities. He offered some merienda which we happily ate with much gusto.

We stayed for a few hours to rest and chat with my uncle. 

 By night time, we drove towards our destination somewhere in Pasay City. 

Well, abeit with the slight traffic we encountered along the way, we still managed to keep our spirits high for that night.

The venue? MOA, otherwise known as Mall Of Asia, is located in Bay City, just near the SM Central Business Park and the Manila Bay.

The concert will be held outside of the mall. And seeing the clear sky that night, all systems were apparently ready to go and so were we!

Getting there wasn’t the problem, but looking for a parking space? Now that’s something else, especially if you’re within the vicinity of the actual event!

We managed to locate a parking space for Toto’s car inside MOA on the last level. Up on the roof top. Sixth floor! Imagine that.

We hurriedly went to the venue which was a couple of steps from where we parked, and I noticed people of different ages, scampering in different directions, perhaps looking for their respective friends or something. 

Excitement and anticipation was really up in the air that night folks!

I glanced on the venue itself. I noticed how huge the stage was and how the production team really put so much effort in planning the whole enchilada right from the start.

There were tents lining up from the inside, while huge searchlights beaming up towards the clear skies, sort of a homing beacon, inviting everyone to be a part of what could be the final closing chapter in OPM history.

Toto managed to snagged a ticket courtesy of the ticket booth beside the venue, since they were still selling them tickets like hotcakes.

As we were about to enter our designated gate, the familiar intro of “Magasin” blurted out from the speakers and the band started the ball for their first song. Everyone just literally dove into it and started screaming in unison.

We were in a spot where we can actually see the stage, but could barely see the ‘heads since lots of them tents (Read: Smart tents) were blocking our view from where we were standing.

Good thing, there were large screens placed nearby. So we didn’t missed out on any of the band’s stage antics or seeing their faces up on the stage. 

Too bad Lorenz left his camera at my uncle’s house. He thought that cameras were banned at the venue. Well, tough luck..People there were snapping pictures like paparazzis on the prowl.

I heard a couple of them kiddies screaming to have those tents taken down. Brave souls! A battle cry of today’s generation I supposed.

 I proceeded to get me and my mates some brewskies from the nearby booth as the second song started in full swing…

 To be continued…..

Here is an actual photograph taken from the venue:


Note: I got this pic from this website: http://www.eheadscountdown.com/2009/03/what-a-view/


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