Of Queen and Beers

Reading about the rock band Queen and their albums, I couldn’t help but noticed some beer anthemed related stuff as I was browsing through their song catalogs.

Okay, go ahead say it – I was bored.

Being a concerned beertizen, I felt it was my sworn duty to point these songs out to some of you beertizens out there.

Now, I’ll narrow down the songs for you, since there were lots of them to choose from. I simply zeroed in on the songs that really hits home…or rather bar…well, you get my drift.. 

(Disclaimer: This is not in any way disrespecting the band QUEEN or the late Freddy Mercury for that matter. This is more of a tribute.) 

1. Under Pressure – Yup, remember your highschool friends offering your first beer drink or tagay? Talk about your first taste of malt.

2. I Want to Break Free – After a hard day’s stress, don’t you think you owe yourself to some booze? Bring them on baby!

* I knew someone who did an impromptu breakdance on stage, after hearing this song being played at this one concert. Needless to say, he shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.

3. One Vision – This is after consuming cases of multiple beer brands and hard drinks. Agree or Disagree?

4. Crazy Little thing called Love – This part is where you’re either in love with a girl, a highschool or college crush, heck even a neighbor’s grand daughter’s niece, or maybe just having a teenage crush on some sexy starlet or dramatic actress. In this case – Marian Rivera.

5. Scandal – This pertains to number 3, when you had too much alcohol and decided to be daring by taking your clothes off for no apparent reason at all. Now, why would you do something like that?

6. Fat Bottomed Girls – You do know that drinking too much can sometimes lead you to visiting sexy girls in some sleazy bars. First, you flirt with them. Then, “table” them with ladies drink that costs around 250p (per shot!) and wake up the next morning realizing that it was more than meets the eye.

7. Drowse – This is the part where you’re talking nonsense to someone who you just met and trying to sound like you’re from some other country or possibly working in a callcenter.

8. Sleeping on the Sidewalk – I know a friend who used to do this most of the time when he’s drunk. Okay! Let’s not name names here.

9. Man on the Prowl – Yeah, you and your buddies frequent them strip clubs, hoping to table some goody girls. But guess what? All the good ones were already taken as early as 7pm!

10. Party – A house with no parents, kegs of beer, girls, explosive soundsystem, a swimming pool, multitudes of rooms available… need I say more?

11. I’m Going Slighty Mad – Yup …I know a friend who once…never mind! 

12. Too Much Love Will Kill You – Need I say more? Beer pa dai!

13. I Want It All –  Two words: Beer Hoager!

Do me a favor and try to listen to these tracks. They do justice over my “not- so- informative” crazy blabbers… *Burp*

~ by roadworthyman on March 25, 2009.

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