And this little insect is on his way….

The day is finally here. After a year and a half or so months in the hive, this little insect is spreading his wings to an unknown destination.

Decisions, mainly hard decisions were on his mind. A tough choice indeed.

This little insect is really grateful for having met other wonderful insects within the hive. Swapping stories and on some days would assemble in a “not-so-homey” place, sharing those honey induced toxins with some of them.

From the moment he arrived at the hive, warm welcomes greeted him. Countless stories of other insects’ struggles in finding their path towards a better hive were spoken during those times.

Then, little by little, each insect departed for an unknown destination. Perhaps to find a better hive or honey.

Some others cried in despair. Others longed for another chance of convincing other insects to stay.

But like they say, when an insect has to fly….then he’s gotta fly.

So, this brings me to this current insect’s situation. His time within the hive was well spent. Learning the ropes, paying his dues, allowing such mudholes in his life, tragedies that almost swallowed him whole…

In other words, this little insect has done it all.

A careful decision and in no time, he decides now is the right time to fly. To discover new hives out there. To meet new insects. To interact and learn new things.

Does this insect have any regrets? He answers with a simple “No”

Then, without much hesitation, he waves goodbye and flies off into the night.

Where his journey will take him, we do not know. What we can probably assume is that wherever his wings may take him, he knows that somehow he will end up in a new hive, filled with new and exciting insects.

An insect’s acknowledgement:

Thanks to everyone at the hive. From the Queen to her skilled workers. I am very thankful for the wonderful learning experience that I gained from my stay within the hive. This is not the end for all of us. Rather, a good journey awaits each and everyone of us insects out there.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this little insect has left the hive…..

~ by roadworthyman on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “And this little insect is on his way….”

  1. Good luck gurl on your next journey! You’ll surely be missed 😉

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