Another one of those blabbers…

Man oh man the roadmeister hasn’t been blogging as of late. Maybe, I was soooo busy the entire summer travelling places, recording in the studio, and playing with some of my bands. 

Yeah, entire summer was blast. Too bad twas that short for two months of lazying around somewhere on some beaches where the Sun shines and the birds wheezing by.

Anyhow, got myself another job. Well, wouldn’t call it some job mind you, but a job that still requires you to talk almost 24/7, 8 hours shift.

Keeping myself busy with other things aside from this job.

Let’s see, there’s the pending recording of some of my bands, and projects as well.

 Then, there’s me playing with a back up band for  an Elvis Presley impersonator(Yeah, the “King of Rock and Roll”) at some hotel within the city.

Keeping myself busy most of the time has given me time to really discover new things and meeting people of all walks of life.

Of course, there’s a couple of  douchebags that I met along the way which I will not  mention for fear of branding them as such.

Then of course, setting up gigs and meeting people behind companies for  possible tie ups has helped my PR skills to its maximum.

Also, I’m dabbling with producing in the studio.  I’m currently working on my band Beverage’s debut abum, which hopefully soon will see light of day of its release. 

Writing music and lyrics with some of the other bands has kept me busy as well. Hopefully, these bands will start recording soon.

Those are some of the things and updates that I have been up to lately.

Might blog once in a while if this roadmeister isn’t soooo damn lazy to do so…

For now….ciao!

~ by roadworthyman on June 21, 2009.

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