A Roland’s King

The "King" of Electronic Drums
The “King” of Electronic Drums

Last March 27 I found myself sitting down at SM’s Mosaic area (That’s at the 3rd flr. folks!) right infront of Perfect Pitch.

The event? A showcase of Roland’s newest products: ROLAND V-Drums and HandSonic.

* I received this information a couple of days ago, when my esteemed “wingman” and legen* wait for it….* dary! guitarist/badass I.T. guy Stuart handed me an invite courtesy from Perfect Pitch. Not one to miss on such an event I decided to check it out myself on that day.

Curious on the invitation, I went online to try get some information about this event. http://www.yupangco.com/services/aboutus/newsroom/2009/02/02240-rolandclinic/

This is what I found on the net:

“Get up close and personal with one of the drumming’s best as demonstrator and clinician of ROLAND V-Drums and HandSonic. MASAKING, shows you new technicques using the latest gear from ROLAND Electronic Drums and Percussion. Get acquainted and talk with the man himself… It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience we surely wouldn’t want you to miss.”

After filing half day from work, and with my cousins texting me here and there to meet them at SM, I hurriedly went over there bringing with me my invitation pass. ( Luckily, my cousins decided to go window shopping which left me free to see the event.)

Arriving at the place, I quickly scanned the stage setup. Displayed before my eyes were 3 electronic drum kits and one electronic percussion pad (I learned later on it was called the ROLAND HPD-10 HANDSONIC 10 )

Finding a seat infront of the stage, I quickly found out I sat next to some familiar faces in the form of Budoy of Jr. Kilat/ PBB fame and Dexter The Fly of NU107  station.

The show started a bit later later.  Nevertheless, being a somewhat sucker for drum clinics and product launchings of any percussion instruments, I waited like some fan waiting for a movie star.

The event started with the host telling us about their new products from Roland and some dude will try out each of their electronic drums.

With Masaking’s introduction, drew cheers and applause from the crowd. Then, like a robot programmed to work, he went directly to one of the V-Drums and started delivering some unique sounds.

First, he programmed his choice of sounds with some buttons on the side of the V-Drums. (The whole demonstration was broadcasted using a camera on a huge screen, so that others can see at the back.) Then, Masaking started pounding on the set, dishing out various drum exercises and techniques.

Each time he plays a different drum lick, he’d make sure to change the sound of the V-Drums.

Now, if I remembered it right, he was playing around with various drum effects from the 40’s, metal, rock and roll, bebop, jazz, techno, and house music.

I was amazed on his mastery of such sounds.

Then, he went to the other V-Drums and started pounding on it, all the while programming new different sets of sounds.

After going through all 3 V-Drums, we were treated to another display of Masaking’s mastery of electronic drumming. He played the ROLAND HPD-10 HANDSONIC 10 percussion pad, dishing out various sounds and some very unique concept of latin percussions and awesome effects.

Even Budoy was shaking his head wondering how such a percussion pad can produced sounds such as conggas, timbales, and even kahon.

The demonstration ended with Masaking dishing out two songs.

One song which surprised us all was his version of  The Super Mario Bros. Themesong.

Yup, the dude played drums along with the song, including adding various sound effects from the hit computer game.

His last piece showcased his ability to sing and drum as well. Unfortunately, he sang in Japanase so we were left wondering what the heck his song was about.

After his demonstration, Masaking thanked all of us in broken English for taking time to watch his performance.

I went towards him after he got off the stage and shook his hand, telling him how impressive he was with his mastery over the percussions.

He gave me a nod and said “Arigato.”

I told him “No Masaking, Arigato!”

~ by roadworthyman on September 27, 2009.

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