Kismet sets free….


The artwork cover

I’m pretty much excited with the whole concept about this project album I did with Zafra ( Ian Zafra’s project band) that I can’t wait for the launching of The “Kismet” singles this coming November 21 at Handuraw. *Details about the album can be viewed here: and also here http: //

Anyway, I’m proud of this project especially the Kismet single itself.

You see, back in early 2007, when me, Ian, and Jay Young started talking about collaborating on a project band over bottles of beer and pizza at Handuraw, we talked about various styles on writing our own music.

We never thought that out of the 4 songs Ian wrote and recorded over at Jay’s house, Kismet would stand out among the rest. *The other songs were okay, but we fell in love with Kismet first.

Anyway, when we first started choosing which of Ian’s songs to work on, I immediately told him we should do Kismet first, even though he wasn’t really too keen on working on it during that time. *I guess he thought it was too poppy for his taste. But what the hell! I fell in love with the song and  he finally gave in hehehehe.

Fastward 2 years later, Cattski heard us rehearsing the song.  

And just like us, she too fell in love with the song.

Later on, we recorded our version at Backyard Studios.

Then, Ian and Cattski collaborated and recorded their version of the song.

Some months later, they came out with another version of the song, this time with Jude Gitamondoc handling the piano keys. *I heard this version on one of their gigs at The Outpost and I was impressed.

Now, I was surprised to learn that we will be launching the song with 3 different versions, plus one song written by Cattski.

I can’t help but smile because this song is starting to gain some recognition.

Ian wrote a beautiful piece of work and I am proud of how the song came together in the end.

We will be rehearsing nextweek for the launch.  

I can’t wait…..

* Thanks to Ian Zafra and Jay Young for their ideas and musical input in creating this beautiful piece.


~ by roadworthyman on November 2, 2009.

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