A Brand New Year!

I have been quite since my last blog about the Cebu Guitar Festival that happened way back November of last year.

Reason being was that I was sooo caught up with my work that even bloggin on this page was out of the question.

Anyway, just to have a short recap of  what has happened so far back in 2009:

– I went to the last Eraserheads reunion concert in Manila.

– I met different kinds of people and stayed in touch with them thru facebook.*Sheesh…I know so not like me. But hey! If you can’t beat them, join them.

– I left my previous company and stayed jobless for a couple of weeks.

– I recorded and produced a couple of songs with some of my bands.

– I produced a demo song for a new band under a friend’s management.

–  I ended up working for a company that has a fixed and relaxed work sked.*Perfect!

– My project band Zafra finally released the Kismet Singles EP album.

– I recorded two new demos for Zafra for our upcoming album.

– The Cebu Guitar Festival ’09 was a success. Rehearsals was sooo tiring, but it all paid off *Congrads to all the shredmasters for a job well done!

– My former band Pandora finally released their album on which I played drums on all of the tracks.

– Made a side trip to the Durian down under to visit the ‘ma and spend x’mas with her.

Now for 2010’s goals or resolutions, they would have to be:

– To set my gig schedules for the upcoming Sinulog event.

– To organize the Black Coffee Sundae reunion gig happening this month.

– To release the album of my project band Leukemia.

– To write and record songs for the bands Kage and Fragile Muse.

– To play more gigs, events, and concerts.

– To travel around the country and explore the fine beaches.

– To lessen my intake on malt. *Good luck in doing so!

What’s your resolution?


~ by roadworthyman on January 1, 2010.

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