Where were you rants?

Golly! It’s been like a month or so not visiting my inner space or sanctum if you will.

Work and gigs kept me from ever ranting on this page.

Now, I’m making up for lost space and time.

Here’s some of the happenings that kept me busy for a while last month:

Sinulog Festival Weekend – Played in different venues with my band Kage, and then on the actual festivities, made a side gig at some friend’s rehearsal studio and played with my other band Black Coffee Sundae. *People were drunk by then and we had to obliged to some of their insane requests, don’t ask!

Black Coffee Sundae Reunion – This was one of the reasons why I couldn’t find time to blog. What, with me in charge of organizing the gig and booking rehearsals with this band, how can I find time to rant right? *The gig was a success, too bad I couldn’t remember the good stuff  since people enjoyed that night.

Over Time at the Office – Yeah, we’re working our butts off almost every week since we were given certain deadlines to finish our pending work. The good side is that you get to have extra much bucks! The bad side is sacrificing a lot of your precious time. *Whatever that means!

Now, on to the current ones shall we?

I am still involved with other band projects as I speak.

I’ll be listening to one of the recorded tracks for my band Beverage this week. So, studio time is in the works.

Also, this week I’ll be rehearsing with my new band for an upcoming guitar event happening this coming Feb 27 at Parkmall.

There goes my “precious time.”

Anyhow, gotta scoot! I’ll be playing with my band Kage tonight at some bar around the metro.


~ by roadworthyman on February 20, 2010.

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