Again with the delayed rant…Tsk..Tsk..

Man oh man I haven’t blogged in somewhat ages!

Again, I blame it on the so-called “busy at work” thingy as always.

Seriously, my entire time has been spent on work and sometimes on gigs. (Riightt! *Wink* *Wink)

Yup, a lot has happened since my last blog and wouldn’t you know?

X’mas is around the corner once again.

Okay…Okay, I’m going to do my so-called “breakdown list of what’s happened to me lately.

– I celebrated my bday last April(Yes! That long!) with my barkadas.(A reunion of sorts of The Original Studs!)

– I went beach bonding with the studs (Yes, we had another reunion of sorts and had sooo much fun!)

– I voted on the May Elections (My choice was the Gibo dude!) Too bad he didn’t win.

– I played on a couple of event gigs with some of my bands (As always!)

–  I produced Black Waters’ first single “My Mistake” which was featured at NU107 Raw Beginnings and Killer Bee.

– I guested on RCTV’S CHA One on one with Zzubu.(We played Zzubu’s single “Ayawg Ilara)

– I recorded a track with my new side project band SpaceWalk Superhero. (The track was featured for Raw Beginnings)

– I met someone special in my life during the month of June. (And yes, I am getting sappy, and yes we are a couple nowadays!)

– I recently turned a year older in my current company.(Yes, salary increase! Salary increase!)

– My side project band Leukemia was also featured for NU107’s Raw Beginning recently.

– I recently played on the reunion gig for metal band Postmortem.

– I went to the cemetery and visited my Dad, grandparents, and relatives.

Now, on to current stuff:

– I’ll be recording another track with my project band SWSH soon.

– I’ll be busy rehearsing starting this month for Cebu Guitar Festival

– I’m planning to xmas shop as early as I can (Yeah, so that I won’t have to deal with smart assed shoppers who tend to hog all the goodies for their loved ones.)

– I’m planning to go on a vacation. (Something that I might take into consideration due to funds.)

– I’m planning to lessen my intake on Malt(Yeah, right!)

That’s all the rants I can spare for the moment folks.

Hopefully the next time I rant it won’t be this long….Gotta remind myself to blog once in a while….Oh well….Ciao!


~ by roadworthyman on November 9, 2010.

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  1. kulba!

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